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Log 2013083003

I've been shopping for a new smartphone lately, but the only one's available at retail at Sprint and Samsung with a pullout keyboard are the 3 year old D-700 that I already have, or a Motorola Photon that doesn't have any more memory that I already have.  It might be time to break down and purchase a new unit that only has an onscreen keyboard.

The downside to that is that is it might become more susceptible to the cold when temperatures drop below 34°F.  The pros are that I'd have a lot more smartphones to choose from with better CPU's, RAM memory and international storage.  There's a couple things that I insist on and that is it must do everything I'm already doing on it and having a USB Hub that can plug in external hard disk drives.  Also, It must fit the new external microSD High Capacity (HC) disks.  I could care less about the 4G LTE as long as still has the standard 3G.

Regardless, the device is running out of RAM, onboard and external storage.  There's not much more that can be added to it.  I might have to reset the unit back to its factory state to get rid of unnecessary application updates.

Both data and voice coverage areas for Verizion look surpurb in more remote areas.  But with the new lower powered cellular signal repeater that I still plan on installing, I could probably still beat it on Sprint.  And anyways, Verizion's coverage area isn't perfect and I'd still need the repeater.  Considering that the repeater runs on CDMA for voice and EVDO for data, which both companies use those protocols, switching to Verizon is still an option.  In fact, for what I'm paying now, it looks like they're about $20 cheaper per month.

I spent the afternoon and evening shopping today shopping for items, mostly other than ones that pertain to The Cramper.  I did purchase a new windshield mounting cell phone holder.  I can't go with a vent mount because my smartphone has a tenancy to overheat and my cup holders are near the parking brake and are too low to make much use of them.  In theory, if I could rig up a mount that clamps to my laptop mount like an extendable desktop lamp, I might be able to maneuver it into places that are more convenient for me to use it from.


Log 2013083002

A 23 quart pressure canner was procured from Bed, Bath and Beyond in Sandusky of Erie County.  It retailed for about $105.

Log 2013083001

I got the bicycle's rear wheel out of the shop for about $58. When I got it back, I realized that it had low tread and the technician said it has between 100 - 200 miles on it.  That won't even survive the next hike.  With the way that I switched from this to chubbys, then studdeds in the months prior, I don't think these tires have more than 300mi on them.  This is an Innova 14 - 2011 - 5, 26 x 2.10 (56 - 559) rear mountain bike tire.
The bike shop also informed me that tires can go between 1,000 to 5,000 miles.  But department store tires can go bad between 200 - 500 miles.  In this case, my bike was purcased  from Dick's Sporting goods.
The spokes seem to have a wider diameter and I hope they'll be stronger.


Log 2013082702

I drove out to Louis Stokes - Cleveland VA Medical Center in Cleveland's Wade Park neighborhood today to move an appointment from the 5th to the 11th, where I already had an optometry exam scheduled for that day.  This way, I can drive back and forth to Cleveland from the Toledo area just once.

Afterwards, I stopped back in Lake County to pick up my AAA membership card and new credit card that I got in the mail to replace the one that soon to expire.  I determined this morning that I'm to be away from Lake County for over a month and that if I get into dire straits, I'm going to need that card to save my trip, or bail me out of a financially tight situation and send me home.

Log 2013082701

I've been getting to bed late these past two nights.  Today the toilet in the camper I'm staying at was leaking.  It appears that it likes to run a little longer.  Lucky for me, there was a towel in the closet.  And there was only a slight trickle of water anyways, but I had to put two rugs outside on the deck.  Yesterday, I got $6 in quarters for the laundry.  I also went grocery shopping and got some TV dinners and oven pizzas.  The driver's side tail light finally blew, so I stopped by the auto parts store and picked up a replacement, while pricing a new power inverter.  If I get it by the first, I can have 2000 watts for about $170.  Whether the DC to AC inverter will convert into a AC to DC converter with the use a double male outdoor extension cord (male on both ends) and not blow up my car or catch fire is still a question.  The thing it does have is leads to my battery, which my deep cycle batteries on the trailer will be hooked to with bullets that separate the line when it's unhitched. It ought to charge the whole system?

I checked the rear wheel of my mountain bike into the shop again.  This time it's being serviced at A & B Hobbies & Cycles in Sandusky of Erie County.  I'm having every spoke replaced with stainless steel.  Apparently, mine were already steel, but their quality might be in question.  They say that the spokes were probably going to cost about $36 to replace.  And the technician there was telling me that the true on that wheel should last for many months on road.  At present, I'm lucky to get 70 miles, which I can put on in a single week. This bike is going back to Southern Ohio in 19 days.

I also looked at CDMA cell phone repeaters "for the car."  That's one thing that I did not check into when I purchased my cell phone repeater that is for a 1,000 sq meter building.  Apparently, my repeater can boost the cell phone signal over a luxurious house.  Oh well, it will be on eBay soon.


Log 2013082501

I checked out of Basecamp Echo two days ago and I'm not at my parents camper in Sandusky.  I watch a YouTube video on canning chicken and I think I need a pressure canner with a gauge.  It was added to the procure list.  I withdrew a canned cheeseburger meal today.  It was made about 12 days ago and does show any signs of contamination yet.

I promised a friend in the Buckeye Trail Association that I would bring a hotspotted laptop to the informational booth that she's organizing.  It will be in Moncolva of Lucas County.  I checked the coverage map and its showing 3G in the area.  That's good because the cell phone signal booster is too powerful for what I want to do.  It requires that the antenna be 20m/ 66ft away from the base unit. I've decided that that's too much outdoor N-type cable to carry.  In the meantime, I'll be searching for other options.

I'm using the hotspot now.  In the past, I had an cellular internet card and so far, internet speeds are just like it.  Today, I called up Sprint and got a 7 day trail for their 2 gigabyte (GB) package.  Overage charges are $0.015 per kilobit (Kb), which is slightly less than when I owned my cell card.  8 bits = 1 byte. I also know that overage charges can really be steep because webpages and multimedia can have very large file sizes. In 7 days, if I don't cancel, Sprint will charge me $19.95 for the 2GB every month until I cancel the package.  It does not have a contract and I can do it at anytime.  Since my smartphone is recommended to have an unlimited talk/ text and data package that runs $99 + taxes and I carry insurance on the phone for another $10, my monthly cellular bill is usually $117.  This will bring me up to about $140 per month.

Because of the BTA booth in Monclova, I believe that Basecamp Echo will be at Mary Jane Thurston State Park outside of Grand Rapids of Wood County.    But I don't plan on leaving Sandusky until 2 September.  I'm anticipating that I'll be hard at work maintaining the Defiance Section when I get there.


Log 2013082401

There's no point in waiting until tomorrow to leave.  I think I'll leave tonight.  I think that the ear shaped piece that is supposed to hold a spring on my right rear brake shoe is floating around the drum somewhere and a couple days ago, the top of the shoe lost contact with its piston.
I'm going to my parent's camper in Sandusky next and its only 42mi.  I think I'd rather service it there.

Propane Cylinder and The Cramper

The 1lb propane gas cylinder is really inefficient connected to the small grill. I'd say that it must have used it up in 5 days, compared to the range's 20.  But I was using it to bake potatoes on high heat the whole time.

In the 20# canister, when the valve is shut off, the line still retains enough propane burn for 3 minutes on one range burner.

In the last 12 days, there's been a temperature differential of 30° F.  We had a heat wave come in this past week and I was slightly uncomfortable then.  Prior to 12 days ago, during transport, the range lost one of its fuel regulation knobs.  But while cooking, it doesn't seem to get too hot to touch yet.

A couple days ago during resupply in the Village of Wellington, I procured a dish soap wand.  I was getting concerned about the rate in which the dish soap was being used.  Also, I was concerned about not being able to produce bubbles when I was canning. I'm hoping that the new wand will slow the rate of consumption down. Since it's new that remains yet to be seen.

These logs are public.  Blogger is owned by Google and my logs hit their search index pretty fast.  If anyone wishes to build a caRV, or Chevy HHRv, or a "Cramper" and is searching online about how to build such an improvised thing, they might want to consult every entry made here.

Right now, there are ways that The Cramper could be perfected.  The floor (for instance) does not need to be made of 3/4 ply held length wise by a system of 2x4's.  That ply could be 1/2" and the 2" x 4"s could be 2 x 2's if they were treated.  It will cost less to design and it will be easier to put together and take apart in camp.

My unit right now has a spoiler for the back end which supports a cooking area.  It uses spaces between the floor's 2 x 4" designed to mount the 32" foot of the floor.  In the back, I call these "expansion slots" and that's what my retractable cooking area mounts to.

Well, I used metal angles to mount the floor's 2 x 4"s to the ply.  They're about 1/16" thick and I didn't account for them.  Since my cooking area has 2 x 4's that slide into the expansion slots, the catch the metal angles and now that this The Cramper's 5th camp, the wood has settled and now they won't slide all the way in.  So, I'm going to need a plainer to shave down the 2 x 4"s so they'll mount again.

Ever since I've been cooking, water consumption has gone up from 8 to 22 liters a day.  When I was canning, it was about 78 liters then.

I still have
2 packages of egg noodles
26 unused pint size mason jars
24 bands and lids
5 pint chilli
1 pint lasguana (sp?)
1 pint cheeseburger meal
Most of a roll of tin foil 25yds x 12"
Most of a bag of potatoes
4 onions
1 1/2 green peppers
Majority of small tub of margrine
About 2lbs dry milk
About 8lbs sugar

Lasguana and the cheese burger meal were the latest canning experiments.  Since ground beef has worked well in my chilli, I decided to continue on with it.  I made it from boxed kits that I found at Aldi and so far in the last 12 days, the tops are still down.  But like always, it was a mess to clean up.
I washed everything in the wheel barrel that night.

6 screws holes on the long cooler stripped out and will no longer mount its lid. So I dismounted the remaining hinges and work with out them now.  I always place my 25lb iron disc weight and my 40lb weight vest before securing the trailer's load tarp over it every night.  So far, I have not had another mold infestation like last time.  But I have questions about using it in the rain as I'm not sure it will hold up with out all that pressure being on it while it's in use.

Log 2013081301

4lbs of ground beef yeilded 13 meals in Mason jars.  I placed two bags of egg noodles in freezer bags and they'll remain there until I go to make a soup.  I still have 3 green peppers and 4 onions left.  I won't go into Wellington until tomorrow and after I get done with my trail maintenance.
I've been canning today.  It always makes a mess. The wheel barrel has been converted into a dish washing tub.  Since I've had to refil the 26L Aquatainer multiple times and carry it back, my abdominal muscles are feeling sore.  It will have to be refilled once again before the night is out.
A member of the park staff came by my campsite today.  When I took over my segment 2 1/2 years ago, I introduced myself to them and she recognized me after all this time.  Seems that the Buckeye Trail has a irrigation problem and the park would like the BTA to produce the labor to fix it.  They're willing to contribute the supplies.  I then referred her to the segment's maintainer.


Log 2013081003

This Turbinelapfan, Item M112217 by Sakar warped while being stored in this container in The Cramper.  Normally, the laptop sits on the container's lid, but I don't think it produces enough heat to warp this lap fan casing.  So far, it was in this container for 45 days this season.  At the moment, I don't think the unit can be used in this condition?

Log 2013081001

The wardrobe that I carry consists of approximately 3 loads of laundry and fits into a 12" x 12" x 24" duffel bag.  There are a few pairs of denim pants, polos and shorts that I don't wear on the trail.


Log 2013080903

The screws that secure lid to the body of the long cooler are stripped.  It will need to be replaced in the upcomming weeks.  And the cooler will need to open with the hinges towards the back of the trailer in the future.

Lo 2013080902

Yesterday, I also purchased Bevis & Butt Head - The Mike Judge Collection - Volume 1 that came with 3 DVD'S, Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford and Star Trek: Generations, Insurrection, First Contact, Insurrection and Evolutions movies with The Next Generation Cast from Buy Back$ in South Euclid.
The new windsheild mount for the smartphone is mounted, but it's intended for larger screen automotive GPS's.  However, I think I can mount the smartphone and make do with it.

Log 2013080901

I'm very pleased to see that the photo upload from my smartphone to this blog is working correctly.


Log 2013080802

The trip across the south of Ohio will be postponed until 14 September. I need to fall back and gather my resources.  Base Camp Echo will now be at Findley State Park, just south of Wellington of Lorain County.  I have to help a friend volunteer at a Buckeye Trail booth in Monclova of Lucas County on 13 September.  The event is about 8mi north of the Defiance Section - Buckeye Trail.  There's a 5k walk going on that day.
Today, I purchased 26 nutritional supplement bars with at least 30g of protein each.  That's going to help those high mileage days down south.  They were on sale and totaled about $64 out the door.  I also purchased a new USB cable to charge the smartphone, along with a replacement suction cup, goose neck and mount for it. The unit will suction to the windshield where it will help me navigate, take calls and play MP3's.
I purchased a new 7 liter lunch box and cooler that will fit in my long cooler on my trailer that I'm already using.  So far, chicken and maybe pork shows that it can not be canned.  I use the long cooler for mostly dry goods and water has seeped in over the past months and caused everything to mold inside there.  If I'm going to use ice, I'd rather have a separate chamber to use.
I did not have a medical appointment today.  Instead, I was prompted to make one and that was done for 5 September.  Next week, I plan on moving that appointment to the 11th, where I have, yet, another appointment in the same facility.  It beats driving to Cleveland from Basecamp Echo twice.

Log 2013080801

The trip that I have remaining on the Buckeye Trail (North Country and American Discovery are concurrent through most of it) is 427.4 miles by the official BTA count.  On paper, it's scheduled to take 24 days.  Even with my Pennsylvania experiences, riding the bicycle back to basecamp, or to the car will test my abilities to the maximum every day. I've scheduled to hike 15, 18 and 20 mile days hiking.  My trip has an average of 17.79mi a day.  And I have about 10 BMI to burn if needed.

I should probably get some protein bars for next week and really watch what I eat.  I'll need to drink water around the clock, holding the color of my urine stream at just beyond clear consistent during the entire time.  And stretch constantly. This is going to be an aggressive hike.  I want to have an efficient system to conquer it.

The site seeing trip to the Lake Erie Islands has been canceled this year.


Log 2013080701

I have an appointment tomorrow at the VA Medical Center in Cleveland tomorrow.

A new app by SPEEDTEST.NET was installed on to the smartphone.  Since my internal RAM memory is running low, I install those very sparingly now and days.  But since I still intend to continue configuring my cell phone signal repeater, I need the new app to test the speed.  When the internet runs over cell phone signals, it's downstream bandwidth speed will up and down with the signal.  At its fullest, my downstream without the booster should get as high as 3000 kilobits per second (mb/ s) on 3G signal.  But, I'm not sure what it will do with the lowest data signal.  If the speed gets below 256mb/ s, I might not be able to work with the laptop if smartphone is hotspoting and feeding internet signal to the laptop.  And I might not be able to get on with the laptop at all if the speed dips below a consistent 128 mb/ s.

There's no telling how much Google Earth is going to download?  It has to get high quality images from a server to zoom in on an area.  The higher the quality, the more programming information it contains.  And the more programing information it contains, the bigger the file size it.  When I get a hotspoting package from Sprint, it has a download limit like dial-up use to when it was new.  Back when I use to run a cell phone internet card in my apartment, it was about 5GB.  I downloaded about 180 videos one time and sent it over.  That ended up costing me $800 in mostly overage charges.  Testing with Google Earth while the smartphone is hotspoting to the laptop will probably have to be done.


Log 2013080601

I have an older Samsung Galaxy S D700 smartphone.  And I was using Amazon MP3 with the stock MP3 app on the unit.  Well, I switched to purchasing music from Google Play, where the installation of the "Play Music" app was required.  The music would download, but only play on Play Music.  I use this to hike and play on my bike, but the playlist options that were on the stock app aren't included in Play Music.  And whenever I downloaded new music on Google Play, the system scanner wouldn't pick-up Play's music and list the tracks in the stock app.

I'm a computer person and the fix was a Windows 95 technique. 

1. Tether your smartphone to your computer using your USB cable.

2. On the top bar of your device, slide it down and select "Turn on USB storage."  It will inform you that certain functions of the smartphone will be disabled when the unit is connected.  Unless your expecting a very important call, acknowledge the warning and Click "OK."

If you've never done this before, your computer will search for your phone's drivers and install them.

3. Open "Computer (formerly My Computer)" and double click on your smartphone.

4. Navigate to (your root directory, just after you double click in step 3)\Android\data\\files

Between the slashes is a folder.  Double click them in succession indicated above.

5. In the "files" folder, left click once on the "music" folder.

6. With your mouse hovering over the highlighted "music" folder, right click once and select "Send To."

7. A sub menu will open up, left click once on "Desktop (Create Shortcut)"

8. Now minimize all your windows and remember the following.  The quickest way to get there is to press the WINDOWS KEY + M.  On the desktop, find the new folder "music - shortcut," left click once to highlight it and with your pointer still hovering, right click once and left click once on "cut." Once done, come back to this window.

9. Go back to the window that is reading your smartphone like a hard drive (from Computer, My Computer) and navigate back to it's root directory.

10. My music is stored in the "Audio" folder.  On the root directory, I'd select the "Audio" folder.  Once there, right click once, select paste and that's it. Your stock app should read the " music - shortcut" directory like its a folder containing music.

If your music is in a different place, you might need to go to Computer->Your Device and type "*.mp3" in the search field located in the top right corner of that window.  When you get the search results back, left click on an entry to highlight it, then right click once and select "Open File Location."  For novice computer users, you're looking for the computer to open up MP3's in two or more folders.  And that will tell you where they are installed.


Log 2013080401

It's been a while since I logged and its possible that I might regret that. I talked to an Amish man in Middlefield.  Teenagers continiously try to run me off the road in Newbury Township by screaming at me as they past.  A 20lb propane gas canister was purchased from Geauga Feed in Newbury Township on 2013080401.
Today, I woke up late.  I had two servinvgs of Fruit Loops with milk from the Camp Store afterwards.