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New House

I've moved into my new house.  The van is running.  The Robot (my media center computer) is up temporarily.  By that, I mean that my office needs 2 - 25ft black extension cords and conduits.  they have to get from the desk, over the windows and outside door to the wall opposite of the desk to access the 120V electrical outlets on the wall opposite of the desk.  But so far, I have everything powered with one extension cord that is hooked up to The Robot's battery back-up.  That needs to change. There's a surge protector mounted under the desk that powers all non-essential equipment, such as my printer.  During a power outage, the more load that you put on the battery back-up, the less time I'll have to save what I'm working on before it shuts down.

I had trouble locating my Map Repository on The Robot.  I wonder if before I left 2 years ago that I cut and pasted it into the laptop's hard drive instead of copied?

I have a smartphone mount on a large spring loaded arm.  Instead of using it's clamp, I drilled a hole in the surface of the desk and mounted it that way.  But it looks like it's smartphone bracket is missing?  It has four plastic hooks on it and it looks like a Bracketron model, or perhaps something from a dollar store?  I know my smartphone and tablet mounts as I've been working with them for years.  Those mounting brackets have to be replaced every so often.

I'm surprised that The Robot booted up at all.  Upon moving it from up north, it was the last thing that was loaded in the moving trailer.  When we opened the door, the moving trailer was at a slight back pitch and it tumbled over.  I was afraid that the needles in the hard disk drives crashed into their platters.  But, it booted up alright.  It was the first time in two years and has no unusual auditory sounds coming from the case.

I custom built my desk. It's 99 inches long.  I'm 6'6 (198cm), to the height was adjusted for me and that's at about 36 inches.  Just like my previous desk, I mounted wheels on this as well.  I'm missing an office chair, so I'm using one from the dining room right now, but it's not at the correct ergonomic height.  For that, I plan to get an old office chair.  One that isn't too comfortable anymore.  I got a set of two bench and two captains chairs from an old Dodge Caravan for $40 last year.  With the wheels, pole and mounting surface from the old chair, I plan to mount one of the captains chairs to it and that should get me the correct height?  And that Caravan captain's chair will take much longer for the seat to wear out.  I'll just have to create an adapter out of wood and some hardware to make it possible.


Distance Hiking Trails and Multi-purpose Rights of Way (Bike Trails)

So distance hiking trails take place on what some hikers call bicycle trails. They're usually gravel and asphalt.  And some developing distance trails call this off-road.  I'm here to shed some light on the topic.

By government declaration, these are often categorized as "multi-purpose trails" as per the record.  The North Country National Scenic Trail, which I'm more familiar with, certifies these segments.  And even of they're not, there's still "political correctness" to consider.  Hikers of an Appalachian Trail origin will state that these aren't off-road.  But if the distance trail agency didn't classify these as off-road, then somebody will pop up and argue that it is.  On the internal side, I can easily see a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" type of situation.

Mid-west distance trails sometimes take place in urban areas and surburban counties.  Going off-road in those vicinities would be very costly because properties are smaller and cost more.

I know a lot of this is observation and opinion, but disrance trails go from Point A to Point B repeatedly for a reason.  That much is certain.  You could come out of college with $100,000 in student loan debts and be very book smart.  But more often than not, that barely holds a candle to experience.

Its hard to name them all.  There could be internal commitments involved?  I have to admit that I know a lot and have done great things, but I'm not on top of everything simultaneously.  Basically, I'm not always good at delivering "instant gratification."