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Log 2015013102

I've got a lead on the creation for the Electronic Trail Register.  It involves writing a HTTP Post and the lead to searching for more information is by trying to find it in Wikipedia.  Apparently a page needs to be created on my website so that content can be added as people feed into it.  So far, the service that I have on my browser now is "" which ties the email address to the web page output.

Log 2015013101

Two days ago, I conducted an experiment and found out that the "Post to E-Mail" address for the Buckeye Trail Association's Facebook group actually worked after all.   That got me excited, so I attempted to post to it using my SMS Gateway (writing a text message to an e-mail address) and it wouldn't go.

I realized that Facebook wasn't able to associate my cell phone's email address with my profile in order to post, so I attempted to add it to my profile.  Well, it required a confirmation and the number it sent was cut off because of the 160 character limitation of a text message and I couldn't do it.  So, I sent a message from the gateway to my Gmail account.  In there, I found the message at attempted to set it so that it automatically forwards to the BTA's Fb group Post to Email address, but setting up the forwarding addresses also needed a confirmation that was cut off.

So yesterday I got smart.  And set up a forwarding e-mail address on OTHR's domain (which didn't need to send a confirmation).  I strung it all together and what'da know... it doesn't work.  Facebook and blogger both have their own apps and SMS text message submission methods.  But they only work for your own blog or profile.  You can't use an SMS text message to post to the Buckeye Trail's Fb group.

If hikers could, the advantage is it could be used as an "electronic trail register" in place of areas where we don't have physical boxes.  And the system would work as long as the hiker on the end had at least roaming cellular signal.  I'm attempting to determine if it can be done using a web page guestbook.


Log 2015012901

Yesterday, I posted two videos on the Whipple Section - Buckeye Trail on-road that took place between the unincorporated areas of Whipple and Warner in Washington County.  I also resumed work on the Ohio Transit Hiker's Resource - Continuous Short Hikes.  The American Discovery Trail's east independent arm is short by a camping/ lodging amenity in NW Washington County, Ohio to continue on into Morgan County and possibly be hikable at less than 12.5 mile route or less all the way to Scioto Trail Section (, Pt. 21 in the Waverly area of Pike County.

Right now, I'm waiting on data from the Buckeye Trail Association concerning a possible re-route of the New Straitsville Section.  I think I can route the shorter hikes per day from it's Point 14 in Trimble Township of Athens County.  Given the heavy off-road nature of South Central Ohio, I might be able to route them past the Waverly area and go further south to Peebles, maybe even as deep as Nile Township of Scioto County near Portsmouth.  But I lost my New Straitsville Section map and I don't know how that happened.  I usually keep a good accountability of my Buckeye Trail maps.  It's probably for the better.  I'm overdue on taking an inventory of them anyways and checking them for new map editions and updates.  With a 195 miles left for me to hike, I know that what that what I need to do that is good.

I set up a new service yesterday from VisualPing.  It's set to monitor trail alert and map update web pages on the Buckeye, North Country and American Discovery Trails websites.  When one of the set pages is modified, it's designed to send me an email.  Once I get them, I'll designate their senders or subjects to automatically filter to a special folder and forward a copy to my smartphone's email address, which will convert as much as it can to a SMS text message.  Since the text will only be 160 characters, the full contents will be cut off.  But I'm on counting on the notification alone to prompt me to look up the alerted web page.  Since the SMS text message is the best way to reach me in the most remote areas, when I loose data signal, I can just hike back into range, or stop by a local library and check it on a computer.  But in the unlikely event that I'll incur a trail alert, or a map update on the section that I'm on, or the one after, I'll have the most immediate notification possible.

Prior to social media, an Internet protocol known as Really Simple Syndication (RSS) was popular.  It was code that was written into the website and when it had a feed, the end users Internet browser would have an icon that would light up orange.  By clicking on it, the end user would subscribe to that feed and the icon would become orange again when ever an update was detected.  But the way I see it, not all web masters know how to write in RSS and due to social media, I believe that it's becoming obsolete.  I'm hoping that VisualPing will circumvent that.


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This is a test of IFTTT to see if it will create a post for this new log entry on Facebook and Twitter.


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the previous test entry failed to post.  Now attempting Test Entry 001

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This is an entry testing IFTTT's ability to post notifications to both Twitter and Facebook.  If this works, there will be no more need to check Facebook at random intervals for a change in my Post-to-Email address.