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Log 2013092801

I find myself wanting to post to Facebook lately.  And I'll turn the app on, start writing and then cancel the post and do this all day long.
I finished my tune up on the 2008 Chevy HHR, but I wasn't able to get the driver's side front wheel barring off.  I'll either need to get some air tools on those bolts, or get the chevy's front end high enough to get my breaker bar on it.  Either way, I don't have the tools here to do that.  The passenger's side rear brake still need bled and the rear drums possibly need to be aligned.
I have doctors appointments on the 5th and one scheduled for the 30th, but I'm going to try to reschedule it.  It's a conult and the VA makes those for me and sends a letter to my legal residence. And I'm there infrequently.


Log 2013092701

I changed the spark plugs at 127,060mi.  The four new ones are Iridium, just like their predecessors.  The spark plug socket wouldn't let go of a newly mounted spark plug unless I used a set of needle nose pliers to pull it out.  I did notice oil in the passenger's and driver's side most spark plug wells.  It could be time for a new head gasket.


Log 2013091802

Fuel Efficency Test
Distance 15.1mi
Adv fuel economy 28.1mpg
adv speed 40mph
Car was unhitched
Roof rack and bag mounted
Hub caps dismounted
Tested on country highways in nw ohio
I checked out of Basecamp Foxtrot at Mary Jane Thurston State Park at about 1900hrs and checked into Basecamp Golf and the Harison Lake State Park campground near West Unity of Fulton County.
I perfomed a speed test tonight and got The Cramper's shell up in 25mins 01secs at night.  I had a problem with my campsite's electrical post.  I still have yet to test out the rain assembly proceedure.  Some parts of The Cramper's interior can not get wet.
I'm expecting thunderstorms for the next two days.


Log 2013091701

Time 1531hra
Air temp: 72° f
Outer hull temperature: 123F
Interior cabin temperature w/ back windows open: 80F
Tail gate inner hull temperature: 102F
CaRv Position: 41.411831,-83.878293 facing roughly 203°
My 2008 Chevy HHR LS has sat in my campsite's driveway all day. The hull's paint is "metalic blue."  The driveway consists of mostly small grey gravel with green vegitation growing through in about 35% of it.  And the weather has been partly cloudy, but the sun has been penetrating through those clouds.
I was watching a TV show today when I felt the interior hull of the tailgate and I was motivated to measure the car's hull teperature.  This is early fall.


Log 2013091602

2008 Chevy HHR is reading 33.1MPG adverage at 43MPH adverage speed.  I should have recorded the distance as well. But the test was roughly 16 miles long on back county highways. Flat land fuel economy while unhitched is down by 15MPG.
1) The spark plugs still have yet to be changed
2) the oil was changed, but still dirty from using the same filter
3) air filter still has yet to be changed
4) there could be a problem with the rear drum brake allignment?
5) the roof rack could be causing this much resistance?

Log 2013091601

filling master cylinder
I do not prefer using a cyphon pump. I can't get it to pump yet with out plugging one end with my thumb.
My trailer will now carry DOT3 Brake Fluid, a corrosive chemical.
I rebuilt the right rear brake system today and installed a new brake cylinder at 126,563 miles on my 2008 Chevy HHR.  It seems to be working.  But my brake pedal goes almost all the way to the floor.  Also, a new cabin air filer was installed.
I changed the oil, but later found out that I purchased the wrong oil filter. So, I test drove the car afterwards.  It does brake, but still, my foot goes all the way to the floor. At present, I believe that it will still haul my trailer, but on county roads and under 45MPH. The trailer's light enough for me to pick up still.  At present, I guess that my next camp, Harrison Lake State Park will be about 45 miles from here.
I can rule out the hydrolic brake system's master cylinder as a problem since the brakes were responding today. That leaves only one problem to check... When the previous brake cylinder was destroyed, it unleashed an ample supply of hydrolic brake fluid inside the drum.  At which time, the seals on the hydrolic fluid ruptured, causing air to get in the lines.  That air needs to be relieved by bleeding the fluid to that brake only.
Now, I just hand crafted a "2nd person." Apparently, somebody needs to depress the brake, while another person releases one of the brake's relief nuts under the car.  That "2nd person" is a hand crafted 2" x 2" made to fit between the driver's seat and the depressed brake pedal.  What I have to do is release the nut and watch for air bubbles in the leaking brake fluid, while at the same time monitoring the brake fluid resevoir under the hood to make sure it doesn't run out of fluid in the process. She (the car) just has to get me to Harrison and I'll have all the time in the world to get done there.  Right now, because of the state campsite maximum stay is 14 days, my time will be up in about 40 hours from now, or 1300hrs on the 18th. She'll do it so long as I bleed it at Harrison.
While I was out, I drove to Napoleon on the old Buckeye Trail route, where I picked up 5 quarts of oil, the proper oil filter, a wire spark plug gapper, a 3/8th nut socket for the oil filter canister and some shop towels. Tomorrow, I plan to spend the day packing and maybe do some more tune ups and repairs.

Log 2014091501

I extended my stay at Basecamp Foxtrot until 18 Sep.
The 2008 Chevy HHR's iridium spark plugs will require a wire guage spark plug gapper.

Log 2014091501

I extended my stay at Basecamp Foxtrot until 18 Sep to diagnose and repair my 2008 Chevy HHR LS's breaking problems.


Log 2013091301

Some how, I transposed the date of the BTA Informational Booth with Liz D from Saturday the 7th to Friday the 13th.  I alerted the staff at the elementary school, got stopped by a Sheriff's Deputy (because of it) and I'm disoriented trying to figure out how I made this error. 
Well I know now.  On the 6th, I finished up my last 32mi on the NCT - NW Ohio Independant.  It spilled very late into the morning on the 7th.  So, I probably went to bed having dismissed the the event alarm the day before, or it went off in my sleep.  
So I spent the rest of the morning shopping at Walmart and the auto parts store.  I got a new rachet set, so I can remove the old one out of my tool bin and into the spare tire compartment incase the car breaks without the trailer.  Then I purchased two small tool boxes to prop and relieve my tool basket in the tool bin.  I also purchased one torque wrench for a possible belt replcement and a 18 1/2" breaker bar.
A new propane two burner range was picked up today along with a 2 year extended warranty.  The warranty was registered with Wal-Mart's service on-line today.
Pictured here is the condition of my passenger's side rear brake shoes and hardware.  What is not pictured is the caliper, which is its boots are chewed up and the piston is warped and the unit is spitting brake fluid inside the drum.  Overall, I'd say that their condition is "destroyed."  The replacement drum cylinder (containing the caliper) is scheduled to arrive at 7pm tonight in Napoleon of Henry County.  I won't be there to pick it up until tomorrow.
The tail gate had some problems releasing today.  So, I performed some diagnostics.  It indeed has a 20 amp fuse along with its relay and both are in perfect working order.  But the latch itself is weak.  Sometimes I have to activate the electronic hand popper three times to get it to release.

Camp Stove Product Care Plan

Product Care Plan
Protects my "purchase above and beyond the manufacturer's limited warranty."
2 year replacement plan activated today @ 09:39:09hrs
Camp Stove


Log 2013091101

2008 Chevy HHR LS has lost at least 10MPG @ 50MPH on flat interstate highway in North Central Ohio.  Current mileage on the odometer is 126,405. The thick canvas roof bag is partially mounted, but one of its racheting straps came loose in the front.  If it was full, the unit would be "boxy," or cube shaped.
The car is particularily dirty.  The oil is overdue for a change.  Tires are not at maxium pressure. Bicycle is not mounted.  Manual transaxle fluid is overdue for a change.  There is still resistance in the passenger's side rear brake drum. And the front passenger's side strut needs to be replaced.


Log 2013090701

Encounter and conversation with man on loop back from remaining North Country Independant - NWO hike noted. Details are confidential and available on closed channels only. 
Today, I took a day off and did some shopping. I purchased a metal file to grind down the sharp ends on the crampers back wall hinge screws.  They're starting to tear the memory foam mattress's lineing up when the folded walls get shoved under it coming from camper to transport mode.
I also went to the office supply store and had the map update printed for the Defiance Section - Buckeye Trail.  Their store issued a new map and I have yet to procure it.  But my old map and the updates will be able to get me through this project. 
I went to bed really late this morning and I got heated out of my tent by the afternoon.  The temperature diffrential was about 30°F during that time.  So, I got in my car, turned it on and slept for a couple hours with the air conditioning on.
Yesterday, I completed the North Country Trail in Ohio on its independant arms at Oak Openings Metropark in Lucas County.  I hiked 18 miles and probably covered 68 miles total.


Log 2013090601

Last night, I realized that my boots need new inner soles. So, I drove about 25mi from Thurston to Holland outside of Toledo and I'm having breakfast at Bob Evans now.  I haven't changed campsites yet and I'm still without power.  The smartphone, tablet and laptop are charging off of the car now.  portable battery charger was used starting with 67% and was completely exhausted this morning.
As far as I know, both spare cellphone batteries are charged.  But I'm not certain about my AA & AAA battery cells?  Today, my adventure begins in the Oak Openings Metropark, about 8 miles west of my present position.  I'll be hiking on the North Coast Inland/ North Country National Scenic/ Wabash Cannonball Trail from Oak Openings, through Wauseon to West Unity.


Log 2013090501

There's a couple sources of light polution, but so it seems like all the stars are clustered over my head.  Like someone put it there as chandelier. The big dipper is directly north across the Maumee River just above the horizon.
I established Basecamp Foxtrot today at Mary Jane Thurston State Park.  I think this is my second time here. And amenity wise, it's more like my least favorite campground so far. There are porta potties and one outdoor shower. I guess I can consier myself lucky to have electric at all.  But it has a great view of the Maumee.
I set the tent up, but I'm really not liking how the poles have no side clips and the bow when I try to put the rain cover on.  I have plastic steaks at the moment and they're not doing a good job at keeping the tent walls straight. And even when the poles are through their sleeves, the top tie must be secure before they  stabilize.
I drove to the unincorporated community of Junction in Paulding County to an intersection known as Defiance Section - Buckeye Trail, pt. 1 and started using my smartphone to plot waypoints for opportunities to park my car and trailer. 
So this is upcoming on my addenda for the next 9 days... First is to fix my GPS Records and organize them for upload.  The Defiance Section has just recently been rerouted.  So, I have adjust its point numbers and hand draw the trail on my paper map.  Second is finish 20 miles of the near by North Country Trail on its way to Michigan.  Once I get that done, when I sweep the BT, which the portions remaining are NCT concurrent, I'll get my BT Circuit Hike and North Country Ohio patch.  Right now, the plan is for that to happen in Mt. Orab of Brown County.
The third is to maintain 40 miles of the Defiance Section. I'm not sure if I'll get all of it done, but I'm authorized to perform mantenance in Defiance and Henry Counties on said section.  Now, I've been advised to stay out of Lucas County.  Apparently Toledo Metroparks doesn't let Buckeye maintain the trail through its jurisdiction without supervision from one of their employees.
The Defiance runs almost entirely off-road on the heel and towpath of the Miami & Erie Canal.  They are not within the jurisdiction of the Miami & Erie State Trail (MEST).  Who actually owns these... I don't know.


Log 2013090401

As stated in previous logs, the 32 gigabyte microSD card in the smartphone was filling up fast.  That's because I have a massive music collection and their mostly high quality files that on board.  32GB is the maximum size attainable under the SDHC, or high capasity format of microSD card.  To get any larger, I would have to go to a SDXC, or "extended capacity" card.  My Samsung D-700 Galaxy S smartphone was manufactured prior to the XC's and doesn't necessarily support it, 32mb on the HC's is supposed to be the limit.  But I read online and noted other people using higher capacity XC cards on the HC readers and they said it would work, but it's possible it could have a problem and not function correctly on occasion.

Earlier today, I attempted to transfer 5 CD's that ripped to the laptop.  What I did was tried to cut and paste the computer's music directory to the card, which apparently was 18.5GB.  But before the computer asked me if I wanted to ignore all the redundant items, Windows 8 just came back and told me that there was insufficient space, when indeed there was 3.6GB left and that should have covered it.

While purchasing the replacement trailer bulbs at Wal-Mart in Perkins Township of Erie County, I picked up a 64GB unit for $55.  It was a bit of a risk and if I were to have purchased this online, it might have only been just a fraction of that cost.  But seeing as though it looks like I won't be returning home to Northeast Ohio soon, I decided to get it there.

The people online were writing that the unit will not work with the factory installed exFAT file format.  And that it would have to be formatted to the standard File Allocation Table, or FAT.  So, I placed the card in the SD adapter and attempted to do just that from the laptop, but my format options were only NTFS (microsoft), or exFAT.  I then safely removed the card from the laptop and tried inserting it into the smartphone.  When during the file scan, it aborted and retured an error stating that the disk was damaged.  So, I used the phone's format option and it worked.  It now picks up over 55GB of storage space.

I'm now in the process of migrating about 26GB of data from the old to the new card.  The unit is a SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC.  The manufacturer claims that it is "water proof, temperature proof, shock proof, x-ray proof."  Which is great for the data, however, I don't own any devices this sturdy.

While I'm at it, my Sony digital camera is making some weird noises when the lens extends.  It is not a water proof unit and it probably got some moisture when it was stored on my day hiking pack in the former roof rack when it took on some moisture.

The roof rack bag was replaced.  The former unit was water resistant and the one I have now claims that it's water proof.  But it was a totally different strapping procedure.  I purchased some ratcheting roof straps from Advanced Auto Parts in Sandusky because that the buckle driven factory issued ones would make the bag inconvenient to live out of daily down trail.

The interior of the previous one flooded months ago.  The cover had two layers, a thin canvas on top with a thin plastic lining on the bottom. Well, the plastic had ruptures all over the bag.  They were like streaks, or tears across its length and many of them.  That's when I knew that this bag was done.  The old bag had an aerodynamic shape and the new one is "box" like.

The fuel gauge in my 2008 Chevy HHR has some play now.  I've notice on several occasions that the car seems to start up with less gasoline than when I was operating it last.  And that my drop in fuel did not measure up with the mileage that I last drove it.  Well, I noticed today that it was migrating up as I drove.

Other than that, I hitched the trailer last night in anticipation of leaving Sandusky for the campground at Mary Jane Thurston State Park.  I noticed that it seems to bounce quite a bit, but that could have been just the wind and US-250 with that light trailer.

Propane Tank Splitter, Trailer & Light Bulbs

A new adapter and splitter was added to the 20# propane tank.  I may have cross threaded it, but so far, I can't detect any leaks.  It's now set to supply propane to the range, grill and indoor propane heater.  I still need another hose for its third connection.

I just picked up the trailer tongue. If I can still do that, it's nowhere close to 1,000lbs (max load for my 2008 Chevy HHR). But the replaced strut on the rear passenger's side did little to lift the back end.  It's possible that I damaged a spring when it was bad.  But more likely, I'm looking at having the upgrade the rear suspension.

Two 12.8 volt, 8.3 watt bulbs we're purchased. One of which replaced the trailer's driver's side taillight at 125,623 miles. The original blew and was Chinese.  I'm concerned that a piece of the mounting hardware is damaged. For now, it still mounts and works.