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Far SE Ohio is something that you should never show weakness to.  Your enemies come for you when your weak.


Fuel Lines Ripped Out

I ripped out the stock fuel lines out of my 2008 Chevy HHR LS.  They were virtually one piece and looks like they were one of the first things attached to the car before the engine was installed at the assembly plant.  The replacement comes in segments that screw in and I want to get to that tomorrow.


Still Waiting...

I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow to get my 90° double 3/8's fuel fitting for my 2008 Chevy HHR.  It didn't arrive at one auto parts store and I called another, but they were out of it, too.


Cloud Services and Fuel Line

My dropbox is at 92% of capacity.  It's free right now and I plan to keep it that way.  I transfered it's contents to my my hard disk drive.  Then to my external.  It's a bit confusing, but I have a hub that's usually plugged into my USB 3.1 port.  But I needed to plug the smartphone directly into that because I thought that I needed the high speeds.

My progress on the car is hung up until possibly the day after tomorrow.  I have to use a nylon fuel line repair kit to lop off the existing stock fitting on one of my fuel hoses because the steel line that goes to it rusted and it's fused in there.  That's the fitting that I might be waiting on?


Sawed Off Gas Line

I sawed off the other steel fuel line on my 2008 Chevy HHR.  It's connected to a rubber hose that leads into the gas tank.  But even then, I tried to dislodge the line from the hose and it wouldn't come loose.  My guess is that between rust and heat, that it somehow became fused.

Everywhere on line says don't do saw them off, but I determined that a hand hacksaw would be safe because I did it in a way that didn't produce much heat and any shards as a result of the cutting process was probably going to occur on a part that I was going to dismount and throw away. 

This is rubber hose with a fitting.  That fitting was bonded to the plastic fitting with something like heat gun?  I can feel the ripples below it.  I wonder if I could chop off the stock fitting and introduce some kind of s coupler to another hose with a new fitting?

I'll be back at the auto parts store tomorrow.  Hopefully they'll tell me that this is possible, or give me an alternative?  Otherwise replacing the rubber hose in question means dropping the gas tank (by my self maybe).


SDXC Card Upgrade

My 64 gigabyte SDXC card in my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 NV-900V stopped reading.  I upgraded the card to a 128 gigabyte unit.  The tablet has doors that you use a "poke" tool through a hole to access it.  I thought it was a poke and lift tool, but I kept bending it.  Today, I got some safety pins and discovered that there was a spring loaded eject in there.  I kept the poker tool on my key chain because I once thought that nothing else was going to open it.


Lightning Tasks

The last time that I had my car on jack stands and ramps, I had it up overnight.  It's not unheard of here Far SE Ohio, but still it made me nervous.  I haven't been sleeping right this past week and I was supposed to replace the fuel lines in my 2008 Chevy HHR LS, but I didn't wake up on time.  My people here need me to get those lines replaced.

For right now, I can't count on getting a day to see my family, or go to the Buckeye Trail Association's Headquarters unless I have a "lightning day."  We don't have any shelter in the Marietta Unit of The Wayne (National Forest).  So, it's bad to tempt lightning there.  I often create a list of "lightning tasks."  They can range from at the desk GPS mapping to putting up fliers and more.


Tried to Move Road Fork/ Whipple Work Week, Dispersed Camping, Timeline, Failure

Three years ago, I was asked to request that the BTA move it's Road Fork/ Whipple Work Week back from July annually to June.  I explained that this could be difficult because Buckeye only has one crew to spare for this region.  We do it at the height of the growing season and that moving it back to June could entail the Buckeye Trail Association having to field a second crew. 

Well, I did it.  And all of those were concerns at the BTA, there was another.  The BTA expanded to include more work weeks elsewhere.  As a result, it was impossible to move Road Fork and Whipple's back.  I'm not sure if the outside understands just how big the BT is?  I'm certain that National Forest Service's view is deficient with it, however, that's not really their fault because this sort of data only resides currently on my computers. 

They think that the forest has truly dispersed camping when it comes to distance hikers, but they're missing a number of factors.  They have to do with the balance between Buckeye's very fixed amenities, the terrain in the Marietta Unit and the intent of the hikers, which influences where they disperse camp.  And I think that there are these unauthorized campsites on wonderful terrain because the hikers over the decades independently reached the same conclusion and that's what cased them to be well impacted?

The Hiker Hurricane was about 2 years ago (I think).  The three year plan for this region entailed stabilizing the Whipple Section.  That was done.  The second year was supposed to be for maintenance and using my section supervisor credentials to improve the trail adoption numbers for it.  But Year 2 was a dud.  I'm a Disabled Vet.  When my housing situation hit the fan in Year 1, I withdrew back to Painesville.  In May of Year 2, I purchased a 29 year old motorhome.  But it's expenses and mechanical needs exceeded my abilities.  The hiker hurricane hit that year.  In Year 3, I can't remember what happened then?  But in the winter, my family has a mechanic friend and we spent 4 months working on the motorhome and got me in Far SE Ohio on May 7th.  I've been here ever since.

While I was having difficulties, there are certain people who I don't entirely trust around both within and without.  And sometimes, some in the BTA can be impressionable to failure.  With exceptions, I kept my whereabouts a secret for the most part.

New External Hard Drive, Data and Myself

I got my new 4 terabyte external hard disk drive in the mail a couple days ago from Newegg.  The external hard disk that I've had all along was salvaged from my old laptop and is about one terabyte in size and is nearly full.  I'm busy transferring somethings off of it. 

Dropbox sent me a warning that I'm running out of space. And my personal Google Drive can't be too far behind.  Earlier, I disabled both from syncing to my laptop because it uses my 15 gigabyte mobile download on my Verizon Wireless account.  My cellular devices has what's called "DropSync" which uses their unlimited data download.  The laptop only uses the Dropbox when it's physically connected to the devices and I can see their file systems from it.  It's a work around to paying into a more expensive cellular package.  The two external hard disk drives are a work around to paying for more space on Google Drive and Dropbox.

I was writing to somebody about Adventurer's Project and it's strategies.  And he mentioned that they were "complicated."  This is in line with somethings that I've noted with the Buckeye Trail's Facebook group.  But am I smarter?  I don't mean to be subjective.

The facts are that no matter how degraded my writing skills are, my composition (which also affects my speech) has been known to be advanced.  It's been noted by the Ohio Department of Education, the United States Army and Lakeland Community College.  I performed in the top 10% of my class in the English portion of the 8th grade proficiency test.  My teacher said that I was up there with the honor students.  As for the rest of me, some of the years past have been different from the way things are now. 

There were really bad times in my past.  I expanded my cognitive abilities beyond the confines of my head. It was originally designed for defensive purposes.  It's like how a computer does it with virtual memory to supplement the RAM. It does it by converting hard disk space.  My imagination is quite powerful, so in a way, I use the surrounding space around me to act as a projection of my mind, which is internal to everybody except, perhaps, me?  Compared to primary and secondary school honor students, it's not a true boost like there's naturally is.  But I dated someone that you could call a "low power" honor student and sometimes, I can almost keep up.


Alumni Day in Woodsfield

Alumni Day in Woodsfield, Ohio is held starting the Friday before Father's Day in June annually. I don't know how many days it spans?


Exhaust Update 2019060801

I got the new exhaust in my 2008 Chevy HHR LS pretty much mounted.  But I missed a ring that goes on the end of the header.  The header has 10 bolts and really don't want to have to dismount it if I don't have to.  But the ring doesn't mount into anything.  What it does is that it's used to compress the gasket.  The only thing holding it is the torque of the 3 bolts that mount the catalytic converter to the header in a triangle pattern.  So, I'm trying to figure out how I can hold the ring on while I reattach the catalytic converter pipe?

My friend at the auto parts store here in town is borrowing my 3-1/2 ton jack to work on my neighbor's car.


New External Hard Disk Drive Ordered and Exhaust Progress

I ordered a new 4 terabyte (4,096 gigabyte) external hard disk.  I'm getting the kind with a laptop size hard disk.  That way, the only thing the powers it is the USB.  If I got the desktop version, it would need the USB and an external power source.

Today, I purchased some automotive hardware to bolt my exhaust together for my 2008 Chevy HHR.  Yesterday, I found a spare clamp in the box.  I had the back of the car jacked on to my Rhino ramps.  Now I need to get the front up on jack stands so I can dismount the 2nd O2 sensor and pull the rest of the exhaust out.

I used my Milwaukee sawzall with my Diablo blades this afternoon and chopped up the back of the exhaust.

While at the auto parts store, I found that the 3 way switch and solenoid that controls my cab batteries when the motorhome is in motion is actually a common thing.  I'm thinking that it needs to be changed?  It's a 2nd battery kit that has the solenoid.


Exhaust Status, Establishments, My Personal Profile & Organizational Body Contingencies

I purchased a new Milwaukee sawzall today.  I already have some short Diablo blazes on hand.  The way I figure it, the existing exhaust that I have in my 2008 Chevy HHR LS is coming down and getting sawed in half no matter what.

I met somebody from a community organization recently.  And one criticism that I've always had about establishments, particularly uptight ones, can be inconsistent with the communities at large.  Pushing policy and establishment is can't good for public relations because how are they going to identify with you?  It's neither the time or the place for this.  The key to success is to somehow be one with the people.

One of the reason why I started Adventurer's Project is to reduce the liabilities from my profile.  Lately, I've been becoming a little undone on my profile.  I have a tendency to fight when cornered.  But that's exactly what the project needs in Far Southeast Ohio because it's always been cornered.  Perhaps a little less now?  But that's me speaking having been virtually by myself until recently.

With a group, theoretically, the idea is to eliminate need.  As a group and amongst each other, you do things that eliminates the avenues for this.  Sometimes a good presiding officer is one who knows how to prevent this and if necessary, put out a brushfire FAST.


O2 Sensor, Exhaust Project, Purchases, Transmission Fluid and SD Card

- I purchased two new O2 sensors and made a security deposit for their pullers at Advance Auto Parts in Woodsfield.  I was thinking that I could try to take them off with a wrench, but I decided that I should probably go with the proper tools.  One of the sensors won't be there until first thing tomorrow, so I called it a day.

- I cut through the remaining bolt on the exhaust manifold heat shield and got it off.  I then removed the 10 bolts around the manifold.  They were easy as they were not torqued on at all.  I did it from the top side of the engine.  And I have yet to look in the repair manual for anything regarding this project.  The only things that should be holding this exhaust up are maybe three rubber hangers and the sensors?  I was thinking that since I didn't need to remove the wheels that tomorrow I could somehow jack the car up and lower it on to my ramps.  But I'm concerned that they might not have enough lift to try and take the exhaust down in one piece.

- I was wearing shop gloves today

- I purchased a 3/8ths drive swivel head ratchet and some 1/2 drive, standard length SAE sockets from Woodsfield Ace Hardware.

- I didn't get the transmission fluid filled in my motorhome, but that's OK.  The procedure with it is that I have to remove the air filter manifold to put a funnel in it's dip stick tube.  I have 8 quarts to refill it with, but I don't think I got 4 out of it when I drained it.  My mechanic once told me that to truly drain this Ford C6 transmission, that I'd have to dismount it from the drive axle and engine.  My dual cab batteries have another 10% to recharge.  And if my 2008 Chevy HHR LS is low on charge, I'd rather jump it from the motorhome.

- My microSDHC card in my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 SM-T817V is not responding. And my key to get into it is pointed.  I thought it use to have a rounded piece at the bottom to help lift the SD card door?  What I have is pointed and isn't lifting the door.  And I was just thinking about what if I had a bobby pin?


Tomorrow's Addenda

Tomorrow, the automotive objective is to fill the transmission fluid in the motorhome, charge it's cab batteries, turn the engine on and watch for any leaks.  Then I should run the engine for about 90 minutes, while jumping the auxiliary batteries.

Today, I purchased a 5 inch extension for my 3/8ths ratchet and a set of deep well bolt grip sockets to cut into and remove the corroded bolt that is still retaining the exhaust manifold in my 2008 Chevy HHR LS.  I'm hoping to have the exhaust manifold (header) dismounted from the engine block tomorrow as well.