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Main Breaker Breaks Twice - No Primary Heat

I evac'ed the motorhome.  It blew main braker for the second time in a day.  The temperature was getting down to below 0°F and it was loosing heat fast.  The 20lb propane tanks aren't recommended to use when their indoors.  The 1lb camping style tanks only lasted my "Portable Buddy" Mr. Heater for about 2-1/2 hours on high.  When that went out, my electric heater, that I connected to the electrical box with a heavy duty extension cord, went from 47° to 37°F and falling.  My choices were to either stick it out with the -15°F sleeping bag, or get a motel.  My relatives have been worried about the temperatures lately, so for their benefit, I got the motel and I'll be sticking it out here until the motorhome thaws in a couple days.

It behaved this way this summer.  This is the converter's way of telling me that it's had enough.


Additional Electric Heater and Main Breaker Blown

It got down to about 0°F last night and once again, the pipes froze around 15°F.  But I'm coming to find out that they're freezing inside.  So, I went to the local hardware store and purchased a baby electric heater.  My idea was that if I turned it on under the master bed, then I can heat the pipes?  My laptop, tablet, smartphone and the microwave are on the 20amp circuit.  My already existing ceramic heater was on my 15amp circuit.  Considering that there the 20amp had a lot of energy star compliant, low wattage devices on it, I figured that it might handle the load.

The 20amp circuit wasn't the issue.  The load blew the main.  So, I went back to the hardware store.  Then I went to the other hardware store.  Neither had a 20amp and 15amp mini switch combination breaker.  I had some thing to do today, but I knew this was going to cost me... in time.  So, I drove about an hour one way to the RV store to get this breaker, got gas in the car and came about an hour back.  I was so slick in some places on one of the highways that I didn't really know if I was going to make it into a valley on one?

With the main out, the heat was as well.  In about 3 hours, the motorhome's living area lost about 19°F. I found the interior temperature to be at 40°F.  Certain electronics can be sensitive should never go below 37°F.  I turned on my "Portable Buddy" by Mr. Heater.  It's a propane heater.  At 40°F, the inside temperatures started to rise with just this heater itself.  I didn't have time to see how it really performs under the circumstances because I had the new breaker in.  But I'm going to have to order backup, replacement 20/15's soon just in case this happens again.


Benchmark 120 Likes Reached

Adventurer's Project's Facebook page cleared the 120 like benchmark sometime earlier today.  The new benchmark is now set at 180 likes.  It currently stands at 123.  I'm not sure what the total reach is?  I can't find a feature on the page's insights that would allow me to see that.  But if I had to guess, it's been on the news feeds for 7,000 to 10,000 people.  The inbox notification for the page looks like it might be malfunctioning?  I had to select several types of messages before I found where they are.

Adventuer's Project is an unincorporated effort with an intent to result in the creation of a new chapter of the Buckeye Trail Association in the Upper and Mid Ohio Valleys, Southern Noble and Eastern Morgan Counties of Ohio.


Looming and Adventurer's Project's Likes

Adventurer's Project is very big.  I'd say that it's looming over me as I write this.  It feels huge.  But the thing that's keeping me going is heart.  It may not be logical?  I doubt that some on the Buckeye and North Country Trail associations would understand, but it's what it's taking.  I guess that this is me becoming more than myself.

But what people need to understand is that there's a difference between average volunteers and the over achievers out there.  When comparing themselves, they shouldn't put this in terms of me's, but in terms of them.  The last thing that I want is an inflated situation when really we need to face reality and get things fixed the right way.

Today, Adventurer's Project crossed the 90 likes mark on it's Facebook page thanks to some of the residents in Woodsfield.  The next bar is 120.  I'm using this as something to indicate how healthy the chapter is getting towards chapterhood.


Sewage Tank Frozen

The pipes came back on in my motorhome today.  I think that the pressure regulator was damaged.  It looks like it's needle is jammed, indicating "high" pressure?  I'm reading 34°F right now, but my sewage out take hose is feeling like it's rock solid.


Motorhome and Physical Therapy 01/21/2019

Day 2 of the cold snap.  The chassis with the tarp draping down and covering the back side of the cab will hold 65°F with the roof heat pump on it highest setting and Eco Mode on the ceramic heater if the outdoor temperatures is about 10°F.  Of course, Woodsfield of Monroe County is very calm when it comes to winds.

My pipes are still frozen.  But I have a hair dryer and I'm going to try to see if I can get the ice mass in the hot water tank to melt if the weather doesn't do it for me? I have a C clamp propping up the master bed platform to try and heat the underside where it is.

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr day, a Federal holiday here.  So, I'll be at physical therapy tomorrow, the next day and two days after that this week.


Pipes Froze

The indoor pipes froze in my motorhome between 18°F and 12°F.  My pressure meter was reading high.  I can tell that my hot water tank is frozen solid.  When I went to relieve it, nothing came out.  The air temperature is 9°F now.  I'm planning on staying up all night. And sleeping tomorrow.

Note to self: hoses inside the motorhome need insulation.

Omnibus 01/20/2019

I'm expecting a lows of 1° and -1°F tomorrow and the next day.  I have no idea what to expect out of the motorhome's heat then?  But I'm not entirely pessimistic about it.  The roads are expected to be covered in ice tomorrow.  Woodsfield is a very calm place.  But on the way to the store about an hour ago, I noticed a wind from the north.

If this were anything like hiking, a protocol of mine states that when your on a multi-day adventure in conditions where the effectiveness of gear is in doubt due to temperature, you might get along by switching to a 3rd shift hike.  That way, your body heat is higher when it's colder and the day time high might be in the temperature range of a sleeping bag's rating.  Later today and tomorrow, I might stick this out being awake over night?

You could say that I'm going on tour.  I have about 6 more presentations planned through May.  They're promoted every which way I can think of.  I just bought a 12 year old projector on eBay.  It's lamp is nearing the end of it's life.  A new one will cost about $85, but I understand this right, this projector probably sold for $900 back then.  So that $85 should still be well worth it.  I guess that HDMI wasn't a big thing back then, so it will take a VGA cable.  I have a HDMI to VGA converter and 3ft of VGA cable coming in the mail soon.

I had to change Adventurer's Project's mail exchange settings.  I'm not good at this configuring and I'm thankful that the website still works.  Instead of forwarding the mail, separate accounts had to be established on my laptop, tablet and smartphone.

I have all of Adventurer's Facebook promotions planned through June.  There will be one for each event and a Facebook page promotion each month, which targets different areas depending on the objectives.

I back to physical therapy tomorrow (if the roads are passable).  I've got 4 more weeks left.  Today, I don't feel the aching that I normally do, but I noticed that it's hard to sit and hold my form.

I got a dog leash to assist me in a stretch that they taught me, but I'm not sure it's going to work.  What I did was fed the line through the handle.  When they taught me to do this it was with a strap around the bottom of the arch of my foot.  I held each side with both hands.  With the dog leash, it was just a single line back.  Even with both hands, it didn't have the stability.  And I'm not sure that it has the length to hold it like I did the strap?

I haven't been stretching like I should.  They want me to do 2 sets of 5.  Ideally, I've determined that I should do them when I wake up and before I go to bed.  But my mornings are never good times.  Maybe I should I get there early and do them in the lobby?

I got this back injury while hiking in the "Night from Hell."  And I remember that this was the night that I finished "The Wilderness Loop."  I guess you can say that it really came at a price.  I've had to ration my maintenance activities and it's hasn't been painful since I first got it, but it's definitely been distracting in subtitle way.  You could say that it's been undermining my effectivity from behind the scenes.

I have 15 gallons of gasoline in the motorhome and 5 more gallons in my Jerry Can. But, this thing hasn't been started in longer than I can remember.  I've taken on leaks in the overhead bunk area and just before it.  If I level the motorhome, I'll take them in the master bed area.  I don't know how long the new ceiling in the overhead area is going to hold.  I'm committed to be at what I think is C and T Campground in Caldwell by March.  But I'm thinking that I may have to get an apartment and "dry dock" the motorhome?  But this thing is still good for trail promotion.

I Facebook messaged the North Country Trail Association asking if I should add them as a "co-host" to Adventurer's Project's events.  But then it dawned on me... they're furloughed and I'm probably not going to receive an answer from them any time soon.  My NFS point of contact is also furloughed.

Adventurer's Project remains at 82 likes.  In order to get this thing chapter worthy in a hurry, I want to see it get to at least 90 or more by mid-March.  I'm going to have to go through all of those likes to take an assessment on where these people live in order to determine where to hold planning meeting, or should we hold multiples?  Our stronghold was in Monroe County, but I can't tell anymore.

A Buckeye Trail Association board member is wanting to get our petition for chapterhood started in March.  I'm not sure we'll be ready for it, but I'm giving it a try.  But I think that we're definitely on par for next year?  It would be healthier to complete a full cycle of manned trail promotion and that won't start until June.  We haven't had time to compensate from things that I learned last year, which is our first time around.


Motorhome in the Winter

Currently, I'm in Woodsfield of Monroe County, Ohio.  And I'm camping next to full time oil and gas workers with full hook-ups.  At around an outdoor air temperature around 30°F, my heat pump on my combination heat/ A/C roof unit probably gets my 1988 motorhome upto about 56°F?  I have a ceramic heater and I keep it around 65°F.  Right now, I turned it's mode up from "Eco" to "Lo" and it's turning on and off like it should.  Right around a 23°F daytime high is where I might have to turn it on to full time "Hi" mode?

There's something wrong with my converter.  My batteries won't charge from the engine, or the generator.  I think that tells me that wherever they intersect is bad.  Since I'm at my laptop right now, the box on its power cable is not a surge protector, but an AC to DC converter.  Considering that the motorhome probably channels more power than that, I bet that the cylindrical device on the back side of the auxiliary battery compartment is the problem.

The power to the hot water tank is routed through that area.  I have a 20ft set of jumper cables that I've been charging the auxilliaries with from time to time and I know that the panel over the stove will work when the batteries have charge.  Also, my LP gas tank has been empty for about 2 years.  I'm not even sure if it will hold it's gas anymore.  And my LP gas sensor needs replaced.  I think it's missing a wire and that it's under the refrigerator?  But I do have a portable LP camper heater onboad and 40lbs of propane standing by in case the power goes out.

I'm fortunate to have a camp host who doesn't mind however much electricity that I use.  But for most of you out there, you're going to want to have a working LP system.


Facebook Post Force Landscape Mode

You won't believe this... I figured it out.  All you have to do to force Facebook to post in landscape mode on your tablet is open on it's browser.  That's it.  It will bring up Facebook's full website, rather than the moble one.  And in landscape mode, it won't change to portrait when writing a post.