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Log 2014022201

Today, I've been working today adding content to the OTHR transit points. I got them done, but I realized that there were a few things missing in the transit map. Their replacements were noted in my OTHR re-fit task list.

Last night, I slept in a weird position. When I woke up, my back was in pain.  It's taken me all the way until now to finally get over it.


Log 2014022101

I'm performing a review of my data Map Repository folder.  And so far, it's 2.68GB in size, with 1,484 files and 81 folders.  There appears to be only one Map Repository folder on The Robot, where I was expecting to have to merge multiples.  That's alright, apparently I was wrong and it's for the better.


Log 2014022003

The laptop's My Places on Google Earth was successfully migrated back to The Robot.  Obsolete data was discarded.

Log 2014022002

I can now print from The Robot, laptop and tablet.  I can file share between The Robot and laptop and I now have File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access between my two android devices and said computers.  Configuring the cable gateway was tricky.  I think it's bugged?  So, I looked up the manufacturer's website and it told me that the cable gateway's firmware is automatically updated by the Internet Service Provider (ISP).  As a former computer repairman, I'm not use to that.

With all of the viruses, malware, spyware and adware gone, these 4 nodes are finally ready to do business.

Log 2014022001

In the past 7 days, I have moved from Home Port and am now house sitting for what looks to be the remainder of my time before I leave to hike again.  In public, I'll say that I'm currently located in between the Bedford and Burton Sections of the Buckeye Trail.  Because I have the additional space, I retrieved and set up The Robot here to help me with my project.

Essentially, between The Robot and the laptop, I have 6 CPU cores, 12 gigabytes of RAM, 15 megabits of downstream on the internet, broadcasting on gigabit Ethernet and wireless N Wi-Fi, and a 32 inch plasma screen TV connected via HDMI cable...

Not to mention plenty of space.  At Home Port, my laptop was on a wheeled cart with it's 14 additional USB ports and surge protector electrical strip strapped to the stem.  The space it inserted in was just big enough for it.  Anyways, with the extra computer and the extra space, I should be able to be more efficent and productive when writing the new addition to the Ohio Transit Hiker's Resource.

In setting up The Robot, the security system that I had at the time was 6 months expired.  And I was hoping that it's firewall and my Windows Vista Operating System would keep most things at bay while I had a look at more pressing concerns. That didn't happen and one of my user names became infested.  With the replacement security suite, I'm still not sure if it's Firefox internet browser application has stopped producing pop up tabs and windows yet? I've run three different scans on two user names, which so far, seems to be effective.

By using the word "stress" generically, as I take on more stress, I will need a diversion to help clear my mind and put things into perspective.  In this case, I'm glad I got The Robot out of storage because with it's Vista operating system, I can play my Star Trek games.  Because they were produced for Windows 98 & XP, the Windows 8 on my laptop won't play them because of the Aero Desktop.  And switching the hardware's Binary Operating System (BIOS) to enable it's hardware "legacy" mode to install Windows XP in a dual booting system... well, that crashed the system's start-up and I had to reset it to the factory default.  In other words, this currently remains beyond my technical expertise.

The Robot and laptop are communicating with each other in regards to file sharing.  But the File Transfer Protocols on both computers, the tablet and smartphone have not been set up yet.  That's because I have yet to configure static Internet Protocol addresses and the firewalls The Robot and laptop to accept that kind of communication.  With the way things are going right now, it's hard to say when I'll get to it.  I have a task list, but I haven't been using an itinerary, so getting things done is a little like "calling plays from behind the line" right now.

I'm not a total slob, but I am less than meticulous when it comes to keeping up a living space.  The last apartment that I rented was 730 square feet.  Where I am now is probably in the ballpark of about 2,000.  And it needs to be kept up with regularly.  I printed a hard copy of a schedule of chores and posted it in the kitchen. 

My old apartment was heated with forced water in the baseboards and was included in the rent.  So, naturally, I never turned the thermostat down in cold months.  But here, this is NE Ohio and this place is heated with natural gas, which is a separate expense in owned dwellings and its costs can spike occasionally.  So, I fixed an index card to the front door with magnets reminding me to turn down the heat before I leave.  I was going to place one on the bedroom door, but I haven't found any packing tape yet.  I should probably fix it with painter's tape, instead.

I saw the doctor two days ago regarding my back.  And her opinion is that I had a muscle sprain.  But because it's been over 3 months since I think I injured it, she said that I could probably start back at the gym this weekend as long as I don't max out.  She mentioned that my back is weaker from the injury and that she'd like me to use the lower back machine to get it back up to the strength.  But I see myself getting back to the gym as soon as I perform a stretching regiment twice a day for a week.  The doctor said that I have knot at the base of my spine on the right side.

My Nike Air Pegasus +29's separated between the inner and outer sole.  Since they came apart, I discarded them.  Yesterday, I paid about $110 at Dick's Sporting Goods for a pair of the Pegasus +30.  This is the 30th year that Nike has been selling this cross-training shoe model.  I've been wearing these for the last 12 years.  They have a reputation for having a lot of support.  After my foot type was accessed at Reception before Basic Training in the Army, this is what I was recommended to purchase because of my high arches and that I'm an excessive heal striker.  Since I've worn these shoes, I haven't had orthopedic problems in my knees (like I use to) ever since.

If anything on the car gets done before the 1st, I would probably be using a multimeter to trace a short on my passenger's side day time running and head lights.  That task will entail jacking the car up, removing the front passenger's side wheel and peeling back the protective plastic shielding on that wheel well.  The dealer told me 5 1/2 years ago that almost all of the electrical was routed along one channel in the engine compartment.  I've never seen this, but it the HHR has a reoccurring pattern and that is, it's ridiculously easy to perform maintenance on.  If it keeps going on with its pattern, then I believe the dealer... the wiring should be routed along one channel. 

The task will start with removing the passenger's side headlight fuse and inserting the multimeter leads in their place.  I'll then turn the headlights on manually from inside the cabin.  If it reads 20 amps of current, then the short is between the fuse box and the lamp.  If it doesn't read any current, then its somewhere between switch and the box.


Log 2014021601

I accidentially discharged the fire extinguisher while I was packing the car to move. Apparantly, one of my rolling chair legs depressed the handle when I was shuffeling items in the cargo area.

The fire suppressant is non-toxic, but can be irratable to the skin. I have some on my hands and I swallowed some while it was airborne. The dust is really fine and I tried to sweep it out, but it was 100% effective.  I'll now have to get it vacuumed a lot sooner than I intended.


Log 2014021501

A new windshield was installed on my 2008 Chevy HHR LS at 133,064 miles.  There was a crack in the upper passenger's side corner of the previous one.  I'm not sure how I got it.  This is the 3rd replacement that I've had in this vehicle. It took about 4 hours to install at Glass Doctor on Carnegie Avenue in the Fairfax neighborhood of Cleveland in Cuyahoga County.  I was referred there by a local company in Mentor of Lake County.

Work was done today.  The work order number is 1-217811.  The new windshield, installation and a 12 month warranty plus tax came out to be a total of $367.98.  The warranty will not include parts and labor.  Today that was $139.95 of said total.

As far as leaving for my next recreation trip, this was a big task that needed to be completed and it was in it's way.  I already have the new head gasket, now I have to get a set of all four struts and possible springs.  When I have those installed, I might as well have the mechanic bleed the brake lines, replace that fluid and have them change the transmission fluid (since it's behind the front driver's side wheel) while their at it.

I intended on cycling between Brecksville Station and the Carnegie Bridge on the Ohio-to-Erie Trail, concurrent with the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail mostly.  But the car needed to be at the shop at 0800hrs and I was late getting up.  So, I didn't have enough time to rack the bicycle on the car.  And my back is still having problems, so hiking it wasn't much of an option.  Instead, I visited the Botanical Gardens on Wade Oval and enjoyed the Costa Rican forest there.


Low & High Points - Ohio Major Hiking Trails

Low & High Points - Ohio Major Hiking Trails

This is a list of low and high points for the American Discovery (ADT), Buckeye (BT), North Country (NCT) and Ohio-to-Erie Trail's (OTET) in Ohio. 

OTET's data was collected for the entire trail.  OTET's work was based off their most current set (4) of maps as of the date of this publication.

ADT & NCT's data was collected so that their independent arms were mentioned separately.  But the overall lows and highs are mentioned.  ADT's data was based off the ADTS's GPS data for Ohio & Kentucky, in addition to GPS track data recorded by MD Edmonds for the trail's course in Hueston Woods State Park.  North Country's data is from the NCTA's GIS/ GPS Data Depository, dated 8 November 2013.

And the BT's data is separated into its 26 sections, where it's overall low and high is also noted.  BT's data is from the BTA's GPS/ GIS Depository, dated 23 July 2012.


Log 2014020801

My previous automotive insurance policy will cancel on noon of the 14th.  At that time my new policy will take effect. That one will not have an uninsured motorist coverage, meaning that until I get it, other people will not be able to drive my car.


Log 2014012501

I completed my task of merging the Buckeye Trail track segments in to just one for each section, plus known by-passes and spurs.  But some of the elevation profiles could not be computed, either because my laptop isn't powerful enough to do it, or the merge corrupted some of the data?  That's a task for another time.  Right now, I have tracks that can be uploaded to the GPS.

Log 2014020401

The laptop has been having trouble starting and restarting lately. Previously, I noticed that the grill on my cooling pad has been accumulating some dust.  And when I inspected the unit after a failed start up, I think I can see that it needs to get blown out by a compressed can of air.  If that doesn't work, I'll be looking at the possibility of having to replace a potentially bad memory module.  I might as well purchase enough to bring the laptop memory up to it's maximum capacity.

The laptop is needed to upgrade the Ohio Transit Hiker's Resource website, maps and guide.  Getting it done is the goal for February.  But this month's monetary expenses have been allotted to my 2008 Chevy HHR.  It needs a new windshield, a short fixed in the passengers side head light, get the brakes bled, transmission fluid changed, install a new head gasket and valves.  I would really like to get all of that fixed this month.  But I may have to reassign one of those to March if I am to keep my momentum going with the website.