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Scouting Moundsville and Buckeye TrailFest on Adventurer's Project's Internet Media

I couldn't stand staying home any longer. So I went to Moundsville, WV to scout it.  I think it's going to be harder to break into with trail promotion for Adventurer's Project, but it does have a Dunham's sporting goods store there.  At the moment, I'm thinking that we may have to break into this market by way of Wheeling, WV?

The Buckeye TrailFest committee has given me the go ahead to promote that event on Adventurer's Project's Internet media.  That's good because the website has a lot of dead space.


Adventurer's Project's Social Media and USGS Hydrographic GIS Data

I might like to get Adventurer's Project on multiple forms of social media, but we're a little short handed at this point. Many of the posts that I write to its Facebook exceed 280 characters, so, they're not really compatible with each other. But one day, it might be good to diversify our communications over several social media platforms in the event the Facebook goes terminal.

I'm working with the hydrography data for the Road Fork and Whipple Sections - Buckeye/ North Country Trail now. They all came unlabeled from the USGS, but I have the bigger streams along the trail renamed. Unfortunately, somehow, either I or Google Earth stripped its embedded information? Now, I can't tell if the remaining streams are creeks, runs or just some finger in the tree of these watersheds? I'll have to get a new copy of from USGS and try to overlay what I have named and go on from there.

The data needs to be reorganized and merged because that which is issued by USGS it's too demanding on computer systems.  And the LoMaps on my Locus Maps apps doesn't display much in the way of hydrogrqphy.

- The Whipple Section approximate to Point 07 (10/2010 map & guide) is 9.73 miles north of the Ohio River on the Little Muskingum River.

- The Little Muskingum River Flats between Whipple Section, Points 05 - 06 falls between miles 12.5 to 13.61 from the Ohip River.

The Road Fork Section between Points 20 - 22 (7/2011 map & guide) is along the Little Muskingum R between Miles 38.87 to 41.02 from the Ohio River.

- The upload of mostly surface streams along the Road Fork and Whipple Sections to the Locus Maps app on my smartphone and tablet is complete. This project has been sitting around in Google Earth for months


High Pitched Pop or Ping

Last evening, I went to the grocery store to buy some cereal. That would have gotten me on the road quick this morning for a GPS project on the Road Fork and Whipple Sections - Buckeye/ North Country Trail.  Unfortunately, the turn on to my street is sharp immediately onto an incline.  When I made this bank turn, I heard a high pitched ping in my front left wheel well of my 2008 Chevy HHR LS. I knew that a part of my suspension was going bad, so I have to park the car until I can replace this part.

My family mechanic friend said that if I sent get this replaced soon, that I could find myself in a heep of trouble if those wheels fly off on the road. I've been wanting to do it when I can have a chance to change the rear brake shoes, drums and rotate the wheels anyways.


Current List of Things To Do

There is what seems like a lot of work to do around here.  Let me start from the top of Adventurer's Project's list, which is:

-to repartition the Road Fork Section in to suggested segments.  This a GPS desk task. 

- Write Adventurer's Project's winter plan

- I need to create a link in Adventurer's Project's website to the Ohio Revised Code Section 1533.18, which is a recreational use statue

- I need to download the roads and trails for the national parks and forests in Utah and Nevada for a mock hiker project

- Road Fork and Whipple Sections surface stream data needs to be merged by stream, creek or river.

- They then need to be named

- Re-title the oldest blog entries in Treeman's Adventurer's and Volunteerism Logs.  They were written by date before.  But I'm concerned that when I update them, that they're going to drive my Facebook profile wild with posts?

- Delete old Verizon data.  What I have is more updated.

- We desperately need a picture of a chainsaw, so I'll have to photograph mine.  What we've been using on Adventurer's Project's website is an old clip art image from the mid-1990's because it's public domain.

- Adventurer's Project's coverage area polygons need to be turned down to 15% opacity instead of 65% because of how Locus Maps reads them.  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this, so I'll probably have to do it on Google Earth Pro and then import the modified file.

- I'll need to inquire if a in-person map vendor must order a minimum quantity?

- Hikes this winter can't be planned.  Instead, we'll be having "Perfect Wave Hikes" that will be called at the last minute.

- Since Adventurer's Project's website deals with recreational vehicles, I need to ask Monroe County what the weight limit is on the bridge to the Ring Mill?

- I'm not sure if geotagged photos in Google Earth are of a lesser quality and I think I need to find out?

- I have some fundraising ideas, but they'll have to wait until Adventurer's Project is formalized.

- Looping routes may need to be added to the website?

- I need to track Ales Run State Wildlife Area for Adventurer's Project's map repository.  I believe that I'm going to have AllTrails host this for liability reasons.

- I need to determine if Eightmile Road, which physically ends, but as per the map continues further north.  Jogging my memory, it might continue north into a parcel of land owned by the federal government and I need to see where it leads?

- In-person Scouting of various parts of the Road Fork Section in regards to places mentioned in it's guide.  This is in support of the Buckeye Trail Association's Digital Mapping Subcommittee.

- Get USGS quads (maps) on GeoPDF.  I believe that I can do this with a paid version of Adobe Acrobat?  They could be useful on my cellular devices.

- The the Marietta/ Washington Convention and Visitor Bureau needs to change the location of the :Buckeye/ North Country Trail from being in Marietta to somewhere else in Washington County.

- I need to determine a rule for redundant posts made to Adventurer's Project's Facebook page.  I want the viewer, who may become members of the various distance trail Facebook media to have unique content on Adventurer's Project's page.  They should not have to get multiple notifications for the same message.  That might make Adventurer's Project's Facebook page loose relevancy, or interest?

- I need to add hospitals to Adventurer's Project's "High Flier Capacity" locations.

- Amend all Post Offices and Libraries with their hours of operation.  This is going to be necessary for hikers down trail.

- My items in Google Earth may benefit from some key words for it's internal search function.

- Assign posting points for Adventurer's Project's Electronic Trail Register.

- Move the miscellanous trail promotion flyer items into county folders on Google Earth and possibly upload to my cellular devices.

- Update my speaker and presentation opportunities folder with everything conceivable

- Update my government official data

- GPS all fords on Jackson Run Road.  There are 4 of them.

- Record track to the cemetery in Lamping Homestead Recreation Area in The Wayne

- What is Frontier Local Economic Development Association?  I sent them a letter via USPS and have yet to get a response.

- Both sections need to be completely photo cataloged.  It's an internal matter as we have people in the upper management of the Buckeye Trail Association who originate from elsewhere in the state.  It's not extremely necessary, but should we need a special BTA maintenance, or trail building project, they may be able to consult an image of the location at their leisure?  The on-road can be done with a video in my car, but the off-road has to be done on foot.  This task may have to wait until May when the forest is under full foliage again.

- Input Wetzel County Visitors Guide in to Google Earth

- Devise a new Traveling Maintainer Certification program

- Get RF on-road's headings at intersections

- Continue considering a method of getting a DR Mower into the Little Muskingum River Flats.

- I need to write the curriculum and make a video for a GPS class

- A document may be created detailing places on the BT's circuit where hunting is prohibited.

Today is October 21st, 2018.  The winter plan has not been written yet.  And that means that the plan for the next traditional hiking season certainly hasn't been devised.  We've got to crack in to those West Virginia markets in the Northern Panhandle as they are essential to stabilizing The Wilderness Loop's NW tier.  We need more of a "battle strategy" than we have now.  And I think that the River's, Trail's and Ales needs a bit more support.  I think that with their permission, we may need to add to it's substance by putting on a hiking program during it.  It might be something like a gear demonstration?

But as of right now, I'm looking into ways that I can take full advantage of the winter.


Maintenance Backpack, Leak, Marietta Webcams, Photo Documenting Road Fork Section On-Road, Spray Foam

I got my maintenance pack from the car today and here's something that usually drives other hikers wild and that it that it has a dual 3 liter water bladder system.  The reason is that I have a peculiar medical issue that can dehydrate me faster. And this maintenance usually takes place in hot and humid Far SE Ohio.  So, bad things will happen if I don't have enough water.

Lately it's had a leak, but while others state that these issues are the ones that keep them from using bladders, this is a very minor issue to me.  Usually, it's caused by drink tubes not sealing correctly around their nipples.  Today, I'm quite sure that the retainer ring around the cap, which came off, was preventing it from properly sealing, or threading right.  I'll find out tomorrow whether re-seating the cap was the solution?

I think it was yesterday that I linked to the street cams in the Marietta of Washington County area.  They're by BestOne Computers and I believe that a few of the cams listed could show hikers from out of town whether we have snow accumulation in Far SE Ohio.  It's very likely that the northern parts of Ohio can have it longer than we do.  And that could make us a destination for somebody?

Today, I made a video to photo document most of the Road Fork Section - Buckeye Trail/ North Country Temporary Connector's on-road.  But I ran into a problem and I think it's one with the smartphone's hardware.  I use a suction cup windshield mount for my unit.  At that point, I drive with two hands while it's filming and vocally note what intersections it's coming up on.  The problem was with the length of one video segment.  It was exceeding 1hr 15min and as it was recording, the size probably got too big for the hardware to handle and it dumped the video.  I'll probably make these no larger then 40 minutes and put them together in Microsoft Movie Maker?

Yesterday, I did a little bit of sealing up some gaps from the outside to the inside of the motorhome with some spray foam.  I had a bit of buildup on the can's straw and I'm impressed with how it's hardened up.  And it does seem like it's got the ability to flex, too?


Back, Hip Flexor Pain and OTC's

I got a new mattress and my back is recovering from yesterdays volunteerism building trail at Caldwell Lake better than I thought it would.  But my right hip flexor is very sore and I'm sitting out today from the work week trying to recover.  A volunteer told me to take some Advil, but I don't normaly pop pills for pain.  My last bottle of pain relief, over the counter medicine expired in my cabinent.  When I had my spleen taken out in the Army, the medical personnel said that I hardly used my morphine. And I told them it was because it wasnt doing anything for me, so I just sucked it up.  But with how my back has been feeling, how distracting it is and how that was interrupting my day, I do have an OTC in the cabinent now (but have yet to take any).


Power: LP Gas Sensor

The LP Gas sensor is getting some power, but in the millivolt range of my multimeter. It's definately more than when I touch the probes together.  But why? Shouldn't it be at 12V? Anyways, this is a DC system and for all I know it's connected to the auxiliary generator, cab motor and converter not charging the auxiliary batteries, which apparently run the display panel with all the level indicators for things like the boondocking water and liquid propane gas tanks.

Motorhome: Replaced Bathroom GCFI Outlet (Again)

I replaced the GCFI outlet in the bathroom area of my motorhome. It's the first in series with the bedroom, kitchen counter and outdoor outlets on the same 15 amp circuit.  I have a theory about the last replacement that I did there. What if my George Forman Grill was plugged into the microwave's 15A circuit, but the outlet was rated for 20A. And what if the grill is a 20A appliance which normally gets plugged in there, but when I changed the GCFI in the bathroom, which is rated for 15A and I plugged the grill into the then repaired 15 - 15 circuit and somehow damaged that outlet?  But as far as I know, this shouldn't be?

There's one cord that goes to the 220V/ 30A receptical on the outside power box.  This motorhome is only 24ft long and really doesn't need 50A service. One of the things that I want to do sometime is wire in an additional 20A outlet, but instead of installing it to the converter, I want to run a new power cord straight to to 120V receptical on the outdoor post.

One of these days, I'm going to draw a schematic of the electrical, gas and plumbing routes as I know them, or come to know them.


New Faucet Installed: Bathtub

I installed a new faucet in my bathtub/ shower, but I reused the old shower hose and head.  The new faucet flows better, but I think that there's some clogging in the old shower line?  I do not understand how, but the electical reading for the propane is indicating a full tank.  I have to do some electrical testing to the liquid propane/ explosive gas sensor just to see if it's getting any power to begin with?  I'm unable to find battery powered replacements, so this is going to have to be wired to the converter.  If I can figure out what's going on with it, the next task will be to determine what's going on with the hot water tank?

The sensor has an automatic shut off feature when it senses gas in the chassis.

New Motorhome Toilet Valve Installed and Roof Update

I installed a new valve for my motorhome's Aqua Magic IV.  The directions didn't state anything about the use of Teflon Tape, nor was there any on the previous valve.  But put some on the new one anyways.

Also, there was a decent rain today.  But the roof seams to have held up?  However, with it parked on bags of gravel, the right side continues to sink.  It's going to need a series of 4 leveling scissor jacks now.


New Hub Caps

The new hubcaps are on my 2008 Chevy HHR LS. The car is metallic blue (a dark blue) and the hung caps are grey. I don't like their color, but I got all four on clearance at Advanced Auto Parts in Woodsfield of Monroe County, which is where I live now. So seeing that I didnt have to travel an hour to get them and I only paid $10 for them, I'm happy. And if memory serves me right, they fit tighter than the last ones?


Fixing Toilet: Uh Oh

I'm making repairs to the motorhome's toilet right now. The valve broke. But there is a piece of coat hanger wire that I snapped off from another compartment of the toilet. I think that I'm going to need to look at it outside when its day light. Right now, I think that I have it somewhat useable until the morning?


Hotspot Downstream Conservation

I have an unlimited data plan on two devices with Verizon Wireless. But, the unlimited data with high speed bandwith only applies to my cellular devices. However, I have to use my "mobile hotspot" as the laptop's primary internet connection.  It only has a 15 gigabytes downstream before Verizon Wireless downgrades my speed on it until the next billing cycle.

The files on my cloud services are huge and routinely syncronize.  I've gone beyond 15GB inside of a week.  So I'm uninstalling the Dropbox, One drive and Google's backup and sync. These are still necessary services, so what I'm going to do is tether my devices to my laptop. I can gain access from the laptop to their file systems via the tether. One once done, those services will reside on those devices were the band with remains at top speeds.

There is another thing that could be problematic, but I don't want to write about for the moment.

Roof Leak May Be Temporarily Fixed?

I believe I may have stopped the motorhome's roof leaking problems for now. I purchased two additional bags of gravel yesterday. Right now, it's pitched 2° downward towards the back and rolled more than that to the right (again). The next 3 days are looking like they'll be dry, so hopefully I can affect some repairs?

But the lifting of those bags over the past few days has aggravated my back muscle injury some. I've been thinking that it's getting to be about time that I started reporting this to my doctors? With my gym membership and its lower back machine, I hope to be back up and running for the 2020 maintenance season.