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North Country/ Buckeye Trailhead at OH-260 - Marietta Unit of the Wayne

North Country/ Buckeye Trailhead in the Marietta Unit of The Wayne at OH-260 near New Matamoras of Washington County takes place just passed the 6th mile marker on said highway.

State Route 260
Ohio 260
Wayne National Forest
Wayne NF


Fwd: Sweating, Fuel Evaporation Unit (No Signal Blog Post)

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Subject: Sweating, Fuel Evaporation Unit (No Signal Blog Post)

I am at the Lane Farm Campground in The Wayne. The motor homes water system doesn't work and even if it did, I don't fit in the shower. I'm am sweating a lot today. But I do have some baby wipes and rubbing alcohol on board. I think I'm going to take an infantryman's shower soon?

Tomorrow is when I'll do maintenance on Whipple Section - Buckeye Trail (North Country National Scenic Trail concurrent), Points 06 - 05. I gave my knee high gators away last year, so I'll have to do it in denim pants.

The plan is to prune the higher areas and make maintenance notes, like the location and quantity of downed trees. Then skip the flats and explore it's high ridge for meditation and yoga sites. While at that, I might chart contingencies like briar patches, or heaven forbid, a rattlesnake den?

I'm pounding down some water right now. Today, there was lightning in the forecast, so I drove into Marietta to attend to some communications and charge my devices. I think that I forgot to make a status update on my own Facebook profile? I'm expecting some final information on our trail promotion booth at the Parkersburg Homecoming Festival in my e-mail soon. This event is the only thing for the trail in Far SE Ohio that needs finalized for this traditional hiking season.

My car has broken gas vapor recycler. I just looked under the car. Its attached to the fuel pump and doesn't have any bolts. All I have to is maybe depressurize the fuel line, pull the connecting tubes, electrical connector and replace it. Pretty simple. I doubt that I'll need the repair manual to do it.
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Marietta Unit, New Matamoras Floods, Memorial Day Weekend 2018, Auxiliary Batteries and Whipple Maintenance

- As this is unconfirmed, by local reports, prior to 1980 or so, there weren't any gates on the skid, or utility roads in the Marietta Unit of the Wayne National Forest.   Apparently, they were popular with Jeeps in that time.  A waitress was telling me that it use to generate a bit of money in New Matamoras of Washington County.

- Apparently, New Matamoras floods less than Marietta.  Marietta's problem is that it's near where the Muskingum, Little Muskingum Rivers and the Duck Creek that meet the Ohio River there.  If there's a big enough storm, all of its water is going to converge on the city.

- This is Memorial Day Weekend 2018.  Today, I did some rounds looking at campground capacities and reporting them to the Buckeye Trail Association Facebook group.

- My auxiliary/ house batteries are somehow disconnected from both the generator and the cab's alternator.  But I'm able to charge them now by jumping them with my car.  It takes about 1hr 15min to get them full.  Lightning is in the forecast for tomorrow, so I plan on tracing their power lines.  It's possible that they all need to be replaced?

- The maintenance priority on the Whipple Section is blazing.  We may have a marathon runner/ thru hiker come through.  He's going to need the trail's navigation to become more efficient. 


What to Do Near Road Fork Section 05/19/2018

Last week, I was securing my project's place at the Backhome Appalachian Arts & Music Festival for us to do some trail promotion at the Wetzel County Convention & Visitors Bureau in New Martinsville, WV.  When I was at the CVB, I got a copy of their visitors guide.  Our 2nd priority is increasing the foot traffic on our portion of the Buckeye Trail (North Country concurrent).  Our corner of the trail is just about the furthest place for most of Buckeye Trail hikers to drive to.  When I show up to TrailFest for just one day and drive back to Painesville, they sometimes look at me like I'm crazy.  So, judging by that, I think it's logical to assume that they might prefer to overnight in the area.

The question that I try to answer is what are they going to do when they're here.  Most of them are not going to hike an entire summer's day.  They might want to get out and do something?  But it's a double edged sword too as this might give me clues as to where I can post a flier, or lay down rack cards and brochures?

I know volunteers who maintain a segment because it's their place to get away and find peace.  But that doesn't speak for me.  And if everything that I've gone through in the last 3 years doesn't result in a sizable increase in the annual numbers on our extent of the trail, then everything that I've gone through is in vain.  The BTA can give us a Work Week, North Country can send weed whackers and DR mowers all they like.  But in the end, those bodies are the only thing that matters.


Miscellaneous Motorhome

- I cleaned up the motorhome today, washed a few dishes and moved some things around.

- Acquired some new bungee cords and tarp for the exterior of the overhead bunk.

Leak in the Overhead Bunk Ceiling

I've got a leak in the overhead bunk ceiling.  I think that either when I was on the roof, or when I moved the motorhome, that the seal on the seam came loose.  I can cover it with a spare tarp that I have and probably get by for a few weeks.

I went to Walmart in Cambridge a few hours ago to try and get a memory foam mattress.  But they didn't have the right size and they wanted $250 for 8 inches.  The master bed only needs 6 inch thick mattress.  So rather than pay $250, I spent $17.99 on some towels.  My plan was to take the overhead cab bunk mattress and move it to the master bed.  But on the way home, I saw that the weather was going to clear up, so I kept it in place, then went on the roof with my hand broom and started sweeping the standing water off of the top.  I waited it out and it looks like it's working.


Wolf Run SP GPSing

I've been collecting GPS data for a future BTA GPS Community.  And so far, I have most of Wolf Run State Park mapped.  I've been doing it with my Garmin eTrex 20 dedicated GPS for accuracy reasons.  Later, I might open up what I've collected in Google Earth and make some edits.

What I have left to do is re-track the Buckeye/ North Country Trail in the park.  I've noticed in the past that the Buckeye Trail Association has a bad track near it's group camp.  This is a small state park, but I'm out of shape, so it wooped my butt a bit.  Not enough to keep me from getting on my bicycle and heading into Belle Valley for burger and fries.  The bar tenders are getting to know me a bit because I always order a sweet tea.


Electric Heat Works

-The motorhome's electric heat works in the chassis. It is working without propane.


Air Conditioning, Weather Station, Towel & Tablet

The chassis air conditioner might be working, but for now, the it's A.C. outlets have quit. I might have a fuse out?  I don't know if the auxiliary house batteries are charging? Right now, they're holding at 11.8V. I'd s
Like to see them at 12.7V and im pretty sure that that the dual mode rocker switch that is used to charge them is broken?

- There's a ton of projects waiting to get done in the bin areas above one of the beds/ tables.

- I just installed new alkaline AA batteries into my outdoor weather station. I secure it to the back of the motorhome with stick on Velcro.

- I found my towel. For the past few days, I was drying off with the paper hand towels in the shower houses. I'm too tall for my motorhome`s shower and I just use it for storage.

- My tablet is very sensitive to direct sunlight. I'm sitting in my camp chair now that was over in the shade before, but it wanted to overheat in the sunlight.


Resting, Converter and Wolf Run State Park

I'm resting today. But there's been problems with the AC to DC converter in the motorhome. It's putting off excessive noise. But this is the first time in 2 years that I've plugged the shore cable into a 220V outlet. Home Port didn't have one, so it was converted to 110V when it was there. But I flicked the breaker switch a couple times and it's normal now. The laptop and smartphone is charging off the motorhome's 110V power and im starting to charge my extra smartphone batteries with an external charger that I have on board.  If the converter becomes a bigger problem, I have an extension cord that I can run into the chassis from the outside.

Currently, I'm near the north side of The Wilderness Loop - Buckeye Trail/ North Country Temporary Connector. My location is in the campground at Wolf Run State Park. Blogger can't lock on to it.


High Winds, Inauguration and the Utility Hauling Trailer

24 mile per hour winds made departing Home Port in the motorhome unwise.  They'll only 7MPH tomorrow.  And I'll be packing my utility hauling trailer and taking it with me namely because I still haven't created a storage space for my 3 ton hydraulic jack under the master bed.  It's a matter of some eyelets, bolts and washers, but I have drill an the automotive grade steel plate in about four places that I'm sure is going to burn up some drill bits.

One of my relatives mentioned that I should take it to the Marietta area, but off of the freeway.  That sort of thing is always the contingency plan for high winds.  But I've checked the elevation profile for that and the fastest route and have found Interstate 77 to be the best route as far as that's concerned.  The trick for me will be getting it over Southern Tuscarawas County.  I'm worried about getting it to The Wilderness Loop at this point.

If I was more confident with it now, I'd re-route to South Central Ohio first.  My desperation ended 11 years ago and I just don't think that there's anything "magical" or "mythical" about women anymore.  But my car says otherwise.  It's 10 years old with 194,000 miles and is still going strong.  I think it's been a great car and just weeks after I bought it, one of my ex-girlfriends showed up out of no where and I took her for a ride.  And she asked if she was the first woman to ride in the side seat?  And she was.  Apparently that was a big deal and at this point, I can tell you that it was.

I've given this a lot of thought and there's somebody down in South Central Ohio that I would like to inaugurate the motorhome.  All I want to do is just go pick her up, take her out to lunch and bring her back.  That's it.  Nobody has to dress like the Kentucky Derby and I doubt that there's a bottle of champagne involved?  Aside from going getting the motorhome to The Wilderness Loop, this is a high priority.

I have a 4x8 utility hauling trailer.  And in order to load it, I have to take the rear wooden wheels off of it.  Well, their 2x4 struts are stuck in their mounts really good.  I took a rubber mallet and pounded the living daylights out of it to no avail.  What I need is a wrench on one side with a socket and driver on the other.  But my tools are in the motorhome, which is in the storage unit at the moment and the gate closed about an hour ago.


Electrical Short, 12 Volt Power Splitter and Windshield Wiper

I diagnosed the electrical short on the marker lights.  Power comes from the fuse block to the orange marker light on the driver's side of the overhead bunk.  From there, there's a 3 way split.  One wire supplies power to the other front orange marker lights, while the other goes to the back driver's side red marker light, where there's a 3 way split there supplying power to the remaining ones.

The junction at the driver's side orange marker light was soldered by my mechanic.  But the left mounting screw must have come in contact with the wire?  I think that I have it fixed now as I re-shielded that intersection with electrical tape.  This now means that the motorhome can leave the storage unit under any weather conditions, either night or day now.

But I'm going to have to repair some of the fiberglass body at the driver's side orange marker light because some of it cracked and came off.  Sands RV in Madison Township of Lake County specializes in obsolete parts.  They might salvage old RV's and they might have a bit of fiberglass that I can mount over top of it?  I think that in the months to come, I might look at trying to devise a better way to deal with that intersection?

I also mounted a 4 way 12 volt power splitter to the overhead of the table area.  It's switched.  But the one thing that I don't like about it is that it has an LED in the plug for it's surge protection.  If i can find something intermediate, I'd like to switch it on and off with an immediate male to female switch.

I have the supplies for the electrical outlet in the microwave's storage bin.  I may have reported earlier that an exposed wire came in contact with the back of the previous microwave and shorted it out and fried 3 outlets in the process.  When I removed the microwave, I discovered the outlet as being electrial taped on, hanging by exposed in wall electrical wiring. 

Hopefully, the wiring still works.  I plan on routing it through an aluminum conduit and installing a new kitchen outlet with a reset breaker into a box on the outside of the wall in the compartment.  By doing this, I may be able to bring that outlet closer to the door and use the second outlet for something like a USB powered device?

There's a problem with one of the windshield wipers.  It connects to a stem and it's real loose.  There's nothing wrong with the stem, so it doesn't need a new arm.  The Wipers aren't in bad shape, but I might have to replace it anyways because I'm not sure why it's not locking on to that stem?