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Heated Hose #2

I installed the second heated hose of the season on my motorhome. The first one didn't turn on.  It wasn't approved for drinking water anyways.  This one is.

I got confused when routing the hose to the appropriate ends, but ended up getting it routed right. The instructions said that the hose can't coil or it might cause problems with its outer shielding. So with it being 50ft long, I had to route it along the back right side of the motorhome, then in front of the drive wheels before I passed it through the bottom to the left side and hooked it up to the city water input.
Just that and insulating it and I feel sore already.

I now have a Pirit Heated Hose Model PWL-03-12-50.  The instructions sheet says that it's not supposed to get hot, but if that's true, it's on the hotter side of warm for sure.  But the water source that I get it from is also electrically heated and maybe that has something to do with it?