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Valve Manifold, Clutch, Adventurer's Project 04/11/2019

I'll be bolting on my 2008 Chevy HHR's valve manifold tomorrow. And as far as I know, I have everything needed to replace my clutch?  I did a little volunteering for the BTA from behind the desk and some work on Adventurer's Project's website and Facebook page. If I end up replacing my clutch soon, I've got enough Facebook content to last us for the next 5 days.

Once that clutch is replaced, I have 5 gallons of gasoline in my Jerry can that's doing nothing but aging.  I'm pretty sure that I have a clogged catalytic converter or two and I'm not too sure about introducing it into the system until next month.  But who knows?

I'm really looking forward to continuing my geotagged photographic cataloging of the trail here.  Last week, I purchased a 20,000mAh power bank, which is an external battery that you attach to something like a smartphone with a USB cable and it acts like is on a charge.  Years ago, I learned that the thru hikers were using them and they got 9 days on airplane mode per charge.  With photo cataloging, I'm looking at getting about 23 miles per charge if I use this, another 5,000mAh external battery and the one that the smartphone has in it.  Since this photographing takes place at every blaze (painted navigational marker when off-road), I don't think there would be enough daylight during the summer equinox to go 23 miles at that rate.  I'm excited.

In total, this is estimated to produce up to about 3400 geotagged photos, taking over 14 gigabytes of hard disk space.  I plan to extract the geotags in some 3rd party software that will convert the pictures in to thumbnails and put them within placemarks/ waypoints (as to the location that they were taken) in something like Google Earth, or ArcGIS software.

This will ultimately benefit our local maintenance and the BTA's Trail Management Team.  In the short term, it's mostly an internal thing.  But some of the photos will be used on Adventurer's Project's website and Facebook page to demonstrate our vacant trail adoption segments.  And during the winters, we'll have some stock footage to use on it's Facebook page.  At that rate, it will take us 36 years to use all of them on Adventurer's Project's Facebook.  But if we start using different social media platforms, that number will diminish.

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