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Touring Adventurer's Project's Coverage Area and Fuel Injector Cleaner

 I know that my 1990 Buick Riviera has a bad spark plug.  Considering the state of the motor oil that I drained yesterday, it was conventional.  Considering that the people that I bought it from where elders, that probably means that the spark plugs are also conventional?  I know that one of them is bad.

I didn't disconnect the battery last night.  And the digital odometer was mostly malfunctioning for the better part of the first half of today's doings.  That somehow leads me to believe that it's short is located in the vicinity of of the air filter manifold.  I had to wiggle it about last night when I changed the air filter.

Today, I went from Woodsfield, Ohio to New Martinsville, West Virginia to go to the auto parts store and Walmart.  I was hoping to get a Bluetooth boombox, but, WOW, they're expensive.  Walmart was selling them for over $300.  I could get a fold out head unit and the GM adapter kit for less than that.

After that, I determined that I needed to get the gas tank empty to pour in some fuel injector cleaner.  So, I drove to Middlebourne, WV... Then I drove to Avrilla,, to Ben's Run.. to Parkersburg, WV.  At which point, the tank wasn't going down enough, so I drove to Chesterhill, then Stockport and then Beverly, Ohio.  I replaced the low and high beam headlights in Stockport today.  Then I filled up and added the fuel injector cleaner in Beverly.

I thinking that I should test every fuse and relay that I can find just because it's simple and it should have been done for a new acquisition as a matter of standard procedure.

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