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It Still Works

 I filled my 1987 Chevy G20 Sportvan with antifreeze today.  When I turned it on, I sounded better than it ever has before.  The so called "smoke" that I was seeing was coming from the new exhaust wrap that I did.  Apparently, it hasn't completely bonded?  My aftermarket water temperature gauge doesn't work and my aftermarket tachometer is malfunctioning.  Either one of those could be from the gauge power wires being attached to the turn signal.  When the turn signal is activated, it produces a surge in the gauges.  I have the replacements sitting in the basement right now.

    What's troubling is that my radiator has only taken about 8 quarts of coolant where it should take 18.

My 1987 Chevroley G20 Sportvan has a 5.7 liter/ 350 cubic inch L05 engine in it.

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