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 So, with Adventurer's Project and the chapter that it becomes, there's the economic considerations.  One thing that I always tell people is that we're not a "golden chariot."  But our region has some potential regarding the caliper of the off-road trail that we already have and perhaps it's ambitions.  The City of Marietta of Washington County, Ohio already has an officially recognized "recreational economy."  Hikers from the Buckeye and North Country Trails have already been a part of it, but in a very small way.  I think we can boost that, even if we don't route into the city?

The Whipple Section is 8 miles north of Saint Marys (St. Marys), West Virginia where there's a motel.  The Road Fork Section's concurrency with the Archer's Fork Loop in the Marietta Unit of The Wayne (National Forest) is just about "even money" when it comes to comparing the driving time between the Holiday Inn's at Marietta, or New Martinsville, West Virginia.  And we know that the distance to the Par Mar/ BP gas station in New Matamoras (Matamoras) of Washington County, Ohio is closest to that area's Saint Patrick (St. Patrick) Cemetery Trailhead (a parking area) and the hikers there often don't know that and need to.  With the Ring Mill Campground and Lamping Homestead Recreation Area, we have grocers in Marr and Woodsfield of Monroe County, Ohio.  But we have two lodging options in Woodsfield that are the closest to those locations.

With Caldwell of Noble County, our route is more favorable to it's food resupply, it's bed and breakfast, and a coffee shop, but not it's big box hotels because they're too far from the current route of the trail as of the date of this blog.

The latest information is that the National Forest Service won't allow us to put up a poster size map of the communities in the region with symbols next to the name of these communities demonstrating what they offer at their already existing kiosks on their unused backsides.  As of the date the date of this blog, we'll be looking for more external ways to circumvent those disadvantages.  We have some digital means at our disposal, but we really need some on the ground options.

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