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Final Stretch: Adventurer's Project, Part IV

 In the early days of Adventurer's Project, you could say that in a Star Trekkian kind of way that she pulled out of spacedock without photon torpedoes and a tractor beam (Star Trek: Generations).  And to further that metaphor along, we did have to use the deflector dish instead.  In non-Star Trekkian terms, it means that Adventurer's Project was forced to activate without all of our capabilities and had to improvise on the fly.  We now have photon torpedoes and a tractor beam ;-).

We were projected to get 5 thru hikers in our first September.  Some of us don't trust the surface streams in Southern Ohio, so each was to get 5 - one gallon bottled waters for five days in a row.  Three were heading clockwise and the other two were counter clockwise.  That which I call "Far SE Ohio" (Morgan, Noble, Monroe and Washington Counties) was under a "Class 5 Hiker Hurricane."  We were the worst place on the Buckeye Trail that this could happen in.

Well, like it or not, it's coming.  Baton down the hatches... it's going to be a storm.  This one is going to be a rough ride.

We ended up only getting three of them.  By the time it was all over with them and two events, I was exhausted.  I normally work on something trail related every day.  But then, I don't think that I lifted a finger for it for about three weeks.

How to go from nothing to something?  There's been lots of good things happening on the trail.  But your only as good as your weakest link  Far SE Ohio was sucking some of the life out of the Buckeye Trail Association like it was a "black hole."  Adventurer's Project is like the science behind the pandemic.  It's always evolving.  It was specifically designed to stabilize a region that was in a bad situation and thrive in a constant state of flux as it built up.  Speaking for myself personally, I deal in hard, thorny problems.

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