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COVID-19 Update 10/27/2020

COVID-19 has been hard on Adventurer's Project.  Trail promotion has been put on hold this year.  And we're looking cohesion with what numbers we have.  I was hoping that this would be mostly behind us by now.

I just had gull bladder surgery and I'm on the tail end of recovering from a hairline fracture on my left ankle.  We have extensive modifications to do on the Whipple Section in The Wayne (National Forest). They all have to do with benching, which is widening the tread of the trail.  But the project's support base is a little "green" for the rigors of that. Its been just me and personnel from the forest service on that one.

I'm tempted to go into towns and hold up a sign on the side of roads to try and boost support for the project.

There's a number of supporters that I could take down trail for their first time.  But the deer gun seasons starts here in 24 days.

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