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Exhaust Manifold and Motorized Bicycle Parts Delay

 I was just about to install my new left side exhaust manifold on my 1987 Chevy G20, L05 engine when I discovered that it doesn't have port for the secondary air injection tube, aka smog tube.  The exhaust manifolds that don't have smog tubes are for 1986 and eariler.  I haven't been feeling very well.  As far as I know, it's not COVID-19, but nonetheless, I've been under the weather for at least a week.  I just went to the auto parts store, returned the manifold that I purchased and I'm waiting for another to come in tomorrow from another store.

My lifter kit for my motorized bicycle engine should have come in today.  I rescheduled my anticipated receiving date for tomorrow.  I'm building my motorized bicycle out of a Huffy beach cruiser.

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