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Big Run and Little Muskingum River Flats

Yesterday, I got some new ramps benched on both sides of Big Run at present day Whipple 03.  I then weed whacked the area that I believe NFS want's us to bench.  The east side is pretty bad.  The benching is on an inclined ledge and it's pretty ate up there.  Sitting here now, I'd suspect that it might have a few irrigation problems?

Four days ago, I weed whacked the Little Muskingum River Flats.  But because of about 10 minutes of rain, I couldn't reblaze the trail down there.  And I figured that I might as well prune and reblaze the trail at the same time, so I walked back up embankment west and left.  Meanwhile, there's a few downed trees there and some low hanging items.  But really, I think that I better get this area under control soon.  As of this day, I now have a hairline fracture on my left ankle.  I'm estimating 34 days to it's healing from the date of this log.

The Road Fork/ Whipple Work Week is going to take a lot of stamina out of me.  Last year, I needed about 3 days to recuperate from it.